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Dark Victory

Bette Davis, Humphrey Bogart, George Brent, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Ronald Reagan, Henry Travers, Cora Witherspoon, Dorothy Peterson, Virginia Brissac, Charles Richman, Herbert Rawlinson, Leonard Mudie, Fay Helm
Ronald Reagan
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Judith tells her friend Ann, "Someone said I was drunk."
”Confidentially, darling, this is more than a hangover.”
Ann, referring to family physician Dr. Parson: ”I had to promise him you'd go to a specialist about that giddiness.” (0:08)

Neurosurgeon Dr. Frederick Steele tells Dr. Joe Carter, "I believe when I left you were calling me an idiot."
”Flowers from my last patient.”
”Why do healthy, normal cells go berserk and grow wild?” (0:10)

Dr. Parsons tells Dr. Steele, referring to Judith’s headaches, "She calls them hangovers." (0:13)

Dr. Steele tells Judith, "Your memory is all shot to pieces... And you're irritable because your nerves are all on edge."
Testing by Steele reveals that Judith cannot identify objects placed in her right hand. (0:21)

The nurse tells Steele, referring to Judith, "She's very nervous, doctor."
Steele gives Judith, ”Something to make you sleep.
Steele tells Judith, ”That's my worry.” (0:29)

Ann tells Judith, "You used to be mad, and what that doctor’s done for you, you’re madder still."
”... I'm not going to seem too anxious, And don't you be too anxious either.” (0:38)

Judith asks Steele, "Why are you so grumpy?"
Steele: ”You always say I'm grumpy.” (0:40)

Ann asks Steele, referring to Judith, "You mean she's going to have that... ghastly confusion?" (0:42)

Judith tells Ann, referring to Steele, "He drives me crazy...." (0:47)

Steele reads a medical report to Ann: "Prognosis negative." (0:51)

Judith tells Steele’s nurse Miss Wainwright, referring to Steele, "I'm mad about him."
Judith asks Wainwright, ”What does prognosis mean?” (0:56)

Judith tells Ann and Steele, referring to drinks, "They deaden the brain... They loosen the inhibitions."
”I think I'll have a large order of ‘prognosis negative’.” (1:00)

Ann tells Judith, "I've been so worried about you." (1:16)

Steele tells Judith, referring to his microbes, "... they're going to get so cock-eyed drunk..."
Judith: ”You're mad.” (1:24)

Judith asks Steele, "Are you worried about me?"
Steele tells Judith, referring to her death, ”When it comes, I'm going with you.” (1:33)