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The Day the Earth Stood Still

Michael Rennie, Patricia Neal, Hugh Marlowe, Sam Jaffe, Billy Gray, Frances Bavier, Lock Martin
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Radio reporter Kaltenborn: "Here in the nation's capital, there is anxiety and concern, but no outward sign of panic." (0:03)

Television reporter Drew Pearson: "Government and defense department officials are concerned by reports of panic in several large eastern cities... The rumors of invading armies and mass destruction are based on hysteria, and are absolutely false." (0:06)

Doctor: "And I don't know whether to just get drunk or give up the practice of medicine." (0:18)

Extraterrestrial Klaatu as Mr. Carpenter: "I must admit I'm a little confused." (0:27)

Telephone operator Margaret asks secretary Helen, "Are you nervous too?"(1:08)

Her salesman suitor Tom asks Helen, "Are you crazy?" (1:09)

Reference in Mother (1996)