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Dazed and Confused

Jason London, Rory Cochrane, Wiley Wiggins, Sasha Jenson, Michelle Burke, Adam Goldberg, Anthony Rapp, Matthew McConaughey, Marissa Ribisi, Shawn Andrews, Cole Hauser, Milla Jovovich, Joey Lauren Adams, Ben Affleck, Deena Martin, Parker Posey
marijuana | ethyl alcohol | lysergic acid diethylamide | Ernest Hemingway | Jackson Pollock
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Michelle rolls a joint. (0:01)

Slater (T-shirt: marijuana leaf graphic) shares a joint with friends. (0:01)

Athlete Don gives athlete "Pink" a "No drug pledge" from the coach: "I voluntarily agree to not in... drugs...” (0:05)

Slater tests a bong in wood shop: "You're gonna have to put some gum around the base to get a good hit, man."
Male voice: “You couldn’t handle that shit on strong acid, man.” (0:06)

Mike reads to Pink and Cynthia: “I voluntarily agree to not indulge in any alcohol, drugs..."
Cynthia: "God, what are they gonna do next, like give you guys urine tests or something?"
Mike: "I just didn't know that drugs and alcohol were such a big problem..." (0:07)

Kevin, Slater and Pink share a joint. (0:26)

A guy lights a joint. Another holds a bong. (0:30)

Pink tells Mitch, “They take you out... go get you drunk, stuff like that.” (0:37)

City worker Wooderson asks Mitch, “Say man, you got a joint?” (0:41)

Ron tells the others, “Pickford’s got a dubbe we’re about to burn.”
Pink: “He was just asking if you get high.”
Mitch: “Yeah, like smoke pot?” (0:43)

Don smokes a bong in a car while Slater and other guys share a joint. (0:44)

Don tells Shavonne, “A little weed...” (0:45)

One of the guys: “Hey Slater you... hippie, give me drugs man.” (0:52)

Pink lights a bong, tokes. (0:53)

Pink tokes a joint, shares with others. (0:54)

Kevin tells Mitch, “You’re nuts, junior. You’re nuts.” (0:56)

Mike tells Tony and Cynthia, “Look, we need some alcohol.” (0:58)

Cynthia tells Mike and Tony, “I’m just gonna get drunk...” (0:59)

Guys share a bong. (1:08)

Mike: “Man, someone’s tokin’ some reefer.”
Clint: “You said, ‘someone’s tokin’ some reefer.”
Mike: “No, I may have said somethin’ about smellin’ some pot.”
Clint: “I’m the one smokin’ marijuana.”
”I’m blazin’ with my friends so I’m a... pothead...” (1:09)

Ron tells the others, “This place used to be off limits man, because some drunk freshman fell off.” (1:11)

Don asks Pink, “That a little bit of reefer I smell on you boy?”
Pink tells Ben and Don, “Look at you two drunks.” (1:13)

Slater tokes a joint. (1:16)

Kevin smokes a joint. Michelle lights one.
Kevin: “George toked weed, man.”
Slater: “Absolutely George toked weed.”
”The whole country back then was gettin’ high.” (1:18)

Pickford lights a pipe. (1:19)

A girl tells Jodi, “Let’s go smoke that joint.” (1:24)

Slater: “Let’s go smoke a joint, man...”
Pink: “Joint subcommittee meeting...” (1:25)

Pink: “Marijuana on one. Reefer on two.” (1:27)

Mike tells Cynthia, “It’s like you read about like a Jackson Pollock or Ernest Hemmingway.” (1:28)

Wooderson reads the pledge to the others: “Not to indulge in any alcohol or drugs...” (1:29)

Slater tells Pink, “If you’re gonna sign that paper man you should throw a little grass right in the middle, man. Roll it up, sign the joint, man.”
Pink: “Well, look, all I’m sayin’ is that If I ever start referring to these as the best years of my life, remind me to kill myself.” (1:30)

Wooderson: “Hey man, ditch that pot.” (1:31)

His mother asks Mitch, “Are you drunk?” (1:35)

Wooderson smokes a joint while driving. (1:36)