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DC League of Super-Pets

CastDwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Kate McKinnon, John Krasinski, Vanessa Bayer, Natasha Lyonne, Diego Luna, Marc Maron, Thomas Middleditch, Ben Schwartz, Keanu Reeves
Year released2022
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Blog entry

Krypto punches another dog in the face. (0:09)

Lois Lane tells Superman, "This might sound crazy, but... I think Krypto feels left out." (0:09)

Batman punches his arch-nemesis Lex Luthor in the face. (0:21)

Potbellied pig PB tells the others, "Just the plan you all called crazy turns out to be crazy good... He was evil, sadistic, hot... Purple gave me uncomfortably vivid dreams..."
”Don’t worry...” (0:22)

Guinea pig Lulu tells Superman, "I see someone found his medicine... Oh, don’t worry..." (0:32)

Krypto: "Don’t worry, Superman..." (0:35)

Boxer-mix Ace punches Krypto in the eye.
Ace tells Krypto, ”... a bidet too, which is crazy.” (0:36)

Ace tells Krypto, referring to the sense of smell, "It’s a superpower that every dog possesses, even a wack one like you."
Krypto: ”I’m not wack.” (0:43)

Ace tells Krypto, "Yeah, well, there’s a lot that you don’t understand about us, you fool." (0:48)

Lulu tells Krypto, "But don’t worry..." (0:50)

Lulu tells PB, Ace, squirrel Chip, and turtle Merton, "... for a minute I was worried."
Chip (in Spanish): ”The pig without hair is crazy.” (0:50)

Aquaman: "These quadrupedal land maniacs have made a giant mistake..." (0:51)

Krypto tells PB, "Diana is fiercely independent..."
Merton answers Krypto: ”Us, you idiot.” (1:02)

Lulu tells the Superpets, "You idiots..." (1:08)

Lulu tells Krypto, "You’re a fool." (1:11)

Merton: "Let’s crack some skulls."
Krypto: ”... but don’t worry...”
Ace, referring to Krypto: ”Has an emotional breakthrough...” (1:14)

Lulu: "Okay, Krypto, you are definitely stalking me now..." (1:17)

Batman: "That better be a licensed toy or I will freak out."
Green Lantern tells Chip, ”Hey, don’t worry...”
PB tells Wonder Woman: ”I humbly present myself, still brainstorming, to you.”
Cyborg tells guinea pig Mark, ”You’re looking a little burnt out.”
ACE tells Batman: ”... probably because of my traumatic puppyhood...”
ACE: ”My emotions always in check.” (1:30)

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