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Dead Again

Andy Garcia, Derek Jacobi, Emma Thompson, Robin Williams
Sigmund Freud | Robin Williams | flurazepam | Dalmane
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Newspaper headline: "Housekeeper Testifies of Jealous Rages." (0:02)

Private detective Mike Church tells ex-psychiatrist Dr. Cozy Carlisle, "He was a patient of yours."
Carlisle: ”I had a lot of patients.”
Church: ”You helped Myron Spargo to quit smoking?”
Carlisle: ”Myron was impotent.”
”Hey, dumb dick, I was a damn good shrink... Okay, I slept with a patient or two... I used to not charge half my patients. ”
Church: ”That is, unless you got a problem with that, Sigmund.” (0:10)

Photographer Piccolo Pete tells an unidentified woman, "This mailman over in Lawndale freaked out, and he chopped up his entire family with a hedge trimmer. Then because he heard a voice or, I don't know, maybe he felt bad, he cut off his own arms."
”I take one look, I pass out. I passed out cold. I come to. I had no idea who I was. I didn't even know my own family.” (0:16)

The elevator door opens onto a chaotic psychiatric ward. (0:18)

Hypnotist Franklyn Madison tells Church, "A person experiences something traumatic, and they want to erase it from their minds."
Church: ”You a shrink?”
Madson: ”I'm a hypnotist.”
”It's simply a matter of regressing the young lady back to a happier time and then asking her who she is.”
Madson tells the woman, ”Tell yourself that you're going deeper and deeper into a state of hypnosis.” (0:22)

At the end of a session of hypnosis Madson tells the subject, "I don't think you need to worry anymore about those silly chocolate cravings." (0:28)

Madson hypnotizes the woman: “... I want you to tell yourself ‘I am going deeper and deeper into a state of hypnosis’.”
”On occasion, Mr. Church, hypnosis can take us back to our past lives as well as our past.” (0:29)

Composer/conductor Roman Strauss tells pianist Margaret, referring to his former wife, "She's dead now." (0:34)

Housekeeper Inga's son Frankie stutters to newlywed Margaret, "Congratulations." (0:37)

Madson tells Church and an unidentified woman, referring to the scissors, "They were auctioned at Christie's last year for 20 thousand by a Japanese gentleman, if memory serves."
Referring to the woman’s memories: ”The sooner we work through them, the sooner she'll get her memory back.” (0:41)

The woman asks Church, "You mean besides my memory?"
”So you think I'm crazy?” (0:43)

Carlisle tells Church, "I had this one crazy old lady, really bat shit. She was so claustrophobic she’d choke if she walked in Yankee Stadium... I'm dealing with maybe some childhood trauma, so I'll use hypnotherapy. I'll take her back to find some memory. I'll regress her... She used to have this Uncle who'd take her into his closet and molest her... I work with her for a couple more months, and she's still claustrophobic. I regress her back even further... All I know is after that session she wasn't claustrophobic anymore."
”Sometimes a trauma in a present life can lead you back to a trauma in a past life. You resolve that past life trauma, I think you’ve got a real good chance of finding out who you are.” (0:44)

The woman tells photographer Piccolo Pete, "And don't worry." (0:48)

Restaurant owner Ray asks Church, referring to the woman, "You want to get her drunk?" (0:49)

The woman asks Church, "So how did I lose my memory?"
Church: ”Last week you bumped your head...”
Referring to his roof: ”It's where I take all the women I date with no memory.” (0:52)

Doug O'Malley tells the woman, "When I got home, and you weren't there, I went crazy."
”It must be the Dalmane.”
”Dalmane. It's for insomnia.”
”Sometimes it causes memory lapse.”
Church reads the name Kathryn Pierce from a prescription bottle for Dalmane. (0:56)

Hypnosis session with Madson (1:00)

Frankie stutters to Margaret. (1:09)

In her trance Margaret sees Church in place of Roman, preparing to attack her with scissors.
Madson: "We could always regress you, Mr. Church." (1:11)

Madson hypnotizes Church: "Now as you move through this door, you will recall a memory, any memory at all." (1:15)

Carlisle asks Church, "So the lady with no memory was Margaret Strauss?" (1:18)

Pete tells the woman, now identified as Amanda, "You seemed okay, but the next night you were gone, which is how I guess you lost your memory."
Madson tells Amanda, ”I'm telling you right here and now that any security you feel will be an illusion.” (1:20)

Church tells retired journalist Baker, referring to smoking, "I just quit." (1:26)

Inga tells Church, "After the murder, Frankie's speech problem got worse and worse, so I took him to England, to a specialist. The guy used hypnosis to cure him. He told him about the subconscious and about reincarnation, and from that moment on the boy was obsessed with the idea that Margaret would come after him..." (1:31)

Madson stutters. (1:41)