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Dead End

Sylvia Sidney, Joel McCrea, Humphrey Bogart, Wendy Barrie, Claire Trevor
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Drina Gordon tells her younger brother Tommy, "If you think any of us like walking up and down all day, carrying signs and worrying how we’re gonna eat the next day, you’re crazy." (0:07)

Drina tells the boys, "You crazy kids, stop." (0:10)

Drina tells architect Dave Connell, "I’ve only got Tommy and me to worry about." (0:13)

Dave tells Hugh "Baby Face" Martin, "Ah, don’t worry."
Baby Face tells his henchman Hunk, ”... get something for your nerves while you’re over there.” (0:15)

Angel, referring to a younger boy: "That crazy brother of mine."
T.B. tells Tommy, ”Don’t worry.”
Angel, referring to a bump on his head: ”The old man give it to me.”
”So he comes in drunk.”
”... he starts beating the old lady.” (0:25)

Woman off camera: "That coughing’s drivin’ me crazy." (0:29)

Baby Face tells his thug, "I must have been crazy in the head. I must have been nuts." (0:38)

His old girlfriend Francey tells Baby Face, "Couple of crazy kids, we were."
Baby Face: ”I’ll worry about that.” (0:49)

Dave: "Don’t worry, Drina." (0:56)

Drina tells Tommy, "Oh, don’t talk so crazy." (0:59)

Angle tells another boy, "Ah, you’re wacky."
T.B.: ”... they might as well all get soused.” (1:16)

Dave: "Tommy, are you crazy?" (1:24)

Tommy: "Don’t worry, Drina." (1:28)