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Dead Man Walking

CastSusan Sarandon, Sean Penn, Robert Prosky, Raymond J. Barry, R. Lee Ermey, Celia Weston, Lois Smith, Scott Wilson, Roberta Maxwell, Margo Martindale
Year released1995
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Death row inmate Matthew Poncelet tells Sister Helen Prejean, "I don't know who's crazier, you or me."
”Carl went crazy on me.”
”Me and Carl are loaded on downs, acid, booze when this happened... I was out of my head...” (0:10)

By telephone, Helen tells Poncelet, "try not to worry." (0:17)

Newspaper headline: "Parents’ grief never ends." (0:20)

Helen tells Poncelet’s mother Lucille, referring to Poncelet, "He's worried." (0:22)

Poncelet tells Helen, "We got drunk as a couple of coots that night." (0:25)

His lawyer, Hilton Barber, tells the appeals board, referring to the lawyers Matthew might have hired if he had the money, "... they would have hired... a psychologist to compile profiles of desirable jurors... Now we have developed a device that is the most humane of all, lethal injection... We anesthetize them with shot number one..." (0:28)

Earl delacroix tells Helen, referring to his wife and his son, "When it first happened, she would have me bring her to Walter’s grave every morning. She wept a river, poor woman." (0:38)

Helen tells Poncelet, "WC Fields, he used to play this drunken character in the movies." (0:41)

Man interviewed by reporter: "These people are mad dogs..." (0:44)

Victim Hope Percy’s parents grieve.
Hope's father Clyde tells Helen, referring to the police, ”They said it would be too traumatic.” (0:47)

A television reporter tells Poncelet, ”You're a white supremacist, a follower of Hitler.”
Poncelet: ”Hitler was a leader... Hitler might have gone overboard with the killing stuff...”
Helen, referring to Poncelet: "This guy must be nuts." (0:54)

Helen tells Poncelet, "I'm reading these interviews thinking you're some kind of a nut, admiring Hitler... coming across as some kind of crazed animal..."
Poncelet: ”I want to take a lie detector test.”
” A lie detector test.” (0:55)

Helen attends a support group four families of murder victims. (0:59)

Helen passes a cemetery on the way to the prison. (1:02)

Poncelet tells Helen, "Got one guy comes down here every 15 minutes just to see if I killed myself. Suicide watch. Suicide watch."
”Did you take care of that lie detector test yet?”
Helen, referring to Jesus and his followers: ”... they were becoming so powerful that the guys on the top got real nervous, so they had to kill Jesus.” (1:02)

Helen faints.
Helen tells the others, ”I think I just fainted.” (1:08)

Poncelet tells Helen, "... got high... we’d grab a bottle, a blanket, some weed..."
”I wish I hadn't said all this shit about Hitler and being a terrorist...”
Helen: ”I was able to arrange for a lie detector test for tomorrow morning.”
”You're bound to be under stress, and the machine often mistakes stress for dishonesty.”
Poncelet: ”I pass that lie detector test, I'm home free.” (1:10)

Her mother Augusta tells Helen, "You were delirious, hysterical, screaming." (1:16)

Poncelet tells Helen, "I didn't sleep at all last night. I didn't take that nerve medicine they wanted to give me." (1:17)

Poncelet undergoes polygraph testing. (1:18)

Poncelet asks Helen, "What's the word on the lie detector test?"
Helen: ”... your answers showed stress, just as he predicted, and the results were inconclusive.”
”Matt, you'd have to be a robot or insane not to feel stress now.”
Poncelet: ”I told you, I was stoned out of my head.”
Helen: ”Now don't blame the drugs.”
Poncelet, referring to accomplice Vitello: ”He went psycho on me.”
Helen: ”You blame drugs...” (1:25)

Poncelet tells Helen, "Tried to give me two shots, a sedative and an antihistamine." (1:31)

Burial of Poncelet in a cemetery (1:51)

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