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Dead Reckoning

Humphrey Bogart, Lizabeth Scott, Morris Carnovsky, Charles Cane, William Prince, Marvin Miller, Wallace Ford, James Bell, George Chandler
ethyl alcohol-chloral hydrate
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Capt. Rip tells Sgt. Johnny, referring to Johnny’s singer friend Dusty, “She’s got you crazy.” (0:07)

Rip tells police Lt. Kincaid, “A nut, like those guys that chase fires.”
”He kept babbling about suicide...”Kincaid: “You said suicide.” (0:14)

Believing Johnny dead, Rip remembers “The crazy song he always sang. I used to say, ‘You drive me nuts with it.’” (0:17)

Dusty tells Rip, “I’ve been out of my mind. Finally I had to get out and go someplace just to keep from going crazy.” (0:23)

Rip falls unconscious after swallowing a drink. Mickey Finn? (0:36)

Dusty tells Rip, “I can’t understand why Martinelli put that stuff in our drinks.”
”It’s a confession that a woman may drive you out of your mind...”
”Oh, and that’s crazy to say too.” (0:46)

Dusty tells Rip, referring to her husband, “Stuart had always been crazy jealous. That night he was drunk, too.” (0:51)

Rip tells the woman in a painting, “I’m crazy about you, sweetheart, but move over.” (1:02)

Martinelli tells Rip, referring to his thug, “... although Krause’s inclinations are more psychopathic than intelligent. He suffered an injury to his brain once...” (1:05)

Martinelli asks Rip, “Man, are you crazy?”
”You’re insane.”
”But Krause is an idiot as well as a coward.” (1:32)

Dusty dies, Rip at her side. (1:40)