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Dead Ringers

CastJeremy Irons, Geneviève Bujold, Heidi von Palleske
Year released1988
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One of the Mantle twin physicians asks the other, "What’s the diagnosis?" (0:04)

An anatomy professor tells the twins, referring to their surgical retractor, "Might be fine for a cadaver, but it won’t work with a living patient..." (0:05)

Beverly Mantle tells Elliot Mantle, "The Countess is a tigress until she’s got her caffeine in the morning."
Elliot: ”I’ll take your patients... Don’t worry...” (0:11)

Actress patient Claire Niveau asks Beverly, "What’s the prognosis?"
Claire: ”... I’ve been taking hormone injections...”
”Do you ever have affairs with your own patients?” (0:14)

Beverly tells Elliot, referring to Claire, "She’s a little crazy, but sweet." (0:22)

Claire answers Beverly: "Dextroamphetamine resin, dosage form capsule... Short term treatment of obesity. Minor side effects... Major side effects: sleeplessness, rapid heart beat, euphoria."
”... they tell me there’s a high incidence of drug use among doctors.”
”Do you take drugs?”
Beverly: ”I’d say that was a pretty astute diagnosis... Who prescribed them for you?”
”Will you allow me to do the prescribing for you?” (0:25)

Elliot tells Dennis, "I always get confused." (0:27)

Elliot answers Beverly: "Butazamine."
Referring to Claire: ”This lady’s hustling us for drugs.” (0:28)

Claire tells Beverly, "You’re a very self-conscious reader."
Beverly: ”What the... is this bullshit psychoanalysis?”
Claire: ”... you’re subtly schizophrenic or something.” (0:29)

Elliot tells Claire, "You know, I could get very fond of butazamine."
Claire, referring to the twins: ”Are you identical psychologically?” (0:33)

Claire tells the twins, "I want to be very sober right at this moment." (0:37)

Beverly answers Elliot, referring to his pills, "Dex." (0:44)

Claire asks Beverly, referring to Elliot, "Is he worried I’ll steal you away from him?" (0:48)

Claire answers Beverly, referring to the pill she gave him, "Seconal." (0:50)

Claire tells Beverly she took "Too many sleepers last night." (0:54)

Claire tells Elliot, "I’m going away to another film, and I’m worried about leaving Beverly alone."
”He’s developing a serious little drug problem.”
Elliot: ”Thought you were the one with the drug problem.” (0:57)

Elliot "That’s crazy, Bev."
Beverly: ”It is crazy...” (1:04)

Elliot: "You could have had a stroke, Bev."
”We can’t let anyone know about the drugs.”
”We’ve got to get you off the pills without anyone knowing.”
Beverly: ”Do you think I’m really addicted?”
Elliot: ”I’ll put you on a detox program...” (1:10)

Beverly tells Elliot, “I can’t sleep.”
Elliot: "If you’re asking for a sleeper... you’re not gonna get one."
Beverly: ”Ellie, I’ll die if I don’t sleep.”
”You’ll take an up so that I don’t take a down. This is crazy.”
Elliot: ”Bev, don’t worry about me.” (1:12)

Beverly injects his arm. (1:18)

Beverly tells Elliot, "Chang died of a stroke..." (1:26)

Danuta tells Elliot, "They asked me all about Bev, is he a junkie..." (1:28)

Beverly tells Claire, "I’ve got to have some Seconal."
”I’ll write the prescription for you.”
Referring to Elliot: ”I think he’s becoming a drug addict.” (1:35)

Beverly tells Elliot, "You’ve got to take a shot of Dilantin tonight, otherwise we might convulse."
”Then we go to Percodan in the morning.”
”Dilaudid, just because it’s Saturday.”
”So on Monday we kick, right?”
”On Monday, we definitely kick.” (1:40)

Beverly injects Elliot’s arm.
Elliot: ”Don’t worry, baby brother.” (1:44)

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