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Dear Evan Hansen

CastBen Platt, Kaitlyn Dever, Amandla Stenberg, Nik Dodani, Colton Ryan, Danny Pino, Julianne Moore, Amy Adams, Zoey Luna, Isaac Powell, Aimee Garcia, J. Quinton Johnson
Year released2021
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Prescription bottles (0:00)

High school student Evan Hansen keys in a letter to himself: "... but also confident... but, like, a confident version of yourself... not weird or anxious or depressed, which you’re not weird or anxious or depressed..."
Evan takes medicine from a prescription bottle. (0:01, 14)

Evan tells his classmate Jared Kalwani, "... i didn’t go up to her because I was worried that my hands were sweaty... I was worried that they were sweaty, and sometimes worrying makes them sweaty." (0:06)

One student tells another, "You’re such an idiot." (0:09)

Schoolmate Zoe Murphy tells Evan, referring to her brother Connor, "He’s a psycho." (0:10)

Connor asks Evan, "... you started writing this... so that I would read some creepy shit about my sister and freak out, right?"
”So you can tell everyone that I’m crazy.” (0:14)

By telephone, Evan’s nurse mother Heidi asks him, "Any change to your meds?" (0:16)

Evan tells Jared, "It was an assignment from my therapist."
Jared: ”Dude, Connor Murphy is batshit.” (0:16)

Connor’s step-father Larry Mora tells Evan, "Connor took his own life."
Larry tells Connor’s mother Cynthia, referring to Evan, ”Well, he’s obviously in shock.” (0:18)

Zoe: "Who knew rehab could be so much fun?" (0:23)

Evan tells Jared, "... I got nervous..." (0:30)

Jared asks Evan, "Smoking drugs?"
Evan: ”Crack.” (0:32)

Cynthia tells Zoe, "We’re all grieving in our own way." (0:36)

Heidi asks Evan, "I got an email from your school yesterday about that boy that killed himself..." (0:42)

Zoe tells Evan, referring to her father, "Mine died when I was one..."
Referring to Cynthia: ”She’s in total denial now.”
”You get a little crazy.” (0:46)

Classmate Alana tells Evan, "So it’s a student group dedicated to mental health awareness, outreach and education."
”I’m on Lexapro, ten milligrams.”
Evan: ”Well, I’m on Zoloft and Wellbutrin, and, um, Ativan as needed.”
Alana: ”Depression? Anxiety?”
Evan: ”You know, you don’t really act like a depressed sort of person.” (0:54)

Text message from Zoe te Evan: "Larry has been in the best mood since you came over for dinner." (1:18)

Evan tells Zoe, "My mom is obsessed with these college scholarship essay contests."
”... but Alana and I are really confident that it’s gonna pick right back up.” (1:20)

Evan tells Heidi, "I have to go to therapy. I have to take drugs." (1:31)

Evan reads a social media post: "How sad is it that he wrote a suicide note to his friend and not his own family?" (1:38)

Jared reads a post: "I’d kill myself too if I was in that family" (1:38)

Evan leaves a message for Zoe: "I’m worried about you." (1:39)

Cynthia reads a post to Larry, "His parents act like they are bereft..." (1:)39

Cynthia tells Larry, "I had to beg you every step of the way, for therapy, for rehab."
”Remember what he said the first time that Connor tried to kill himself?”
Larry: ”Evan was in denial of what was happening.”
Cynthia tells Evan, ”You didn’t write Connor’s sucide note.”
Evan: ”It was an assignment from my therapist.” (1:40)

Evan appears to jump from the tree. (1:49)

Evan tells Heidi, "The tree, I didn’t fall. I let go." (1:52)

Evan reads a message from Derek R: "Connor and I were in recovery together." (2:01)

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