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Death of a Superhero

Andy Serkis, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Michael McElhatton, Aisling Loftus, Sharon Horgan, Ned Dennehy, Emma Eliza Regan, Olga Wehrly, Jane Brennan
marijuana | ethyl alcohol
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Donald stands on the tracks in front of an oncoming train, but steps aside at the last moment. (0:02)

His brother Jeff tells Donald, "You're driving Mom crazy though." (0:06)

Donald smokes a joint. His mother Renata sees him and asks, "Are you stoned? Were you smoking dope? I'm not an idiot Donald." (0:07)

Renata tells psychotherapist Adrian, "We're just afraid he's gonna do something stupid or harm himself."
"Thing is he's seen everyone, until then he may have seen every psychologist..."
"I read your book on art therapy." (0:08)

Donald walks on a narrow rail over a busy freeway. (0:10)

Donald guesses Adrian is "Shrink number six?"

Donald: "Look I'm here because my parents are just a bit freaked out, that's all."
Adrian: "Oh, are you going to commit suicide?" (0:11)

Psychotherapy session with Adrian.
Donald: "Let's do the shrinky thing."
Donald: "The women go crazy for him."
Adrian: "But why's he so depressed all the time?"
Donald: "OD, jump or something." (0:18)

Student Shelly tell Donald, "Another dose of chemistry please." (0:22)

Donald tells his friend, "No, we definitely need more alcohol." (0:25)

Donald's friend Hugo tells him, referring to Sharon, "... she's nuts." (0:28)

Family session. (0:28)

Adrian asks Donald, "Is that the full extent of the... full rage, is it?" (0:30)

Animated villain The Glove tells Donald, "It's you mom who needs the shrink." (0:34)

Psychotherapy session with Adrian. Donald, referring to a photo of Adrian's wife Sophie: "So, is she a shrink too?"
Adrian: "No, she's dead." (0:35)

Adrian tells Donald, "Your heart is thumping like crazy..." (0:43)

Jeff tells Donald, referring to Shelly, "Apparently your girlfriend is nuts." (0:51)

Donald asks Adrian, "So you can sit there and analyze me and tell me what I really mean?... I'm done with the whole stupid therapy thing." (0:53)

James tells Donald, "It's just a panic attack."
James asks Jeff, "Where's you grass?"
"Your grass, where is it?"
Jeff: "I don't smoke grass."
James passes Donald a joint. Donald smokes, passes it back.
James: "You know I'm only letting you do this because it alleviates anxiety?" He passes it to Jeff. (0:56)

James tells Renata, "We had one joint." (1:00)

Donald approaches a train track. (1:10)

Psychotherapy session with Adrian. (1:11)

A nurse asks Adrian, "Was he in a panic?" (1:12)

Donald dies, his family beside his bed. (1:27)