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Death Wish (2018)

Bruce Willis, Vincent D'Onofrio, Elisabeth Shue, Dean Norris, Kimberly Elise, Camila Morrone, Mike Epps, Ronnie Gene Blevins, Beau Knapp, Jack Kesy, Kirby Bliss Blanton, Ian Matthews
propofol | zolpidem
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Surgeon Dr. Paul Kersey tells his brother Frank, "No worries." (0:09)

His wife Lucy tells Paul, "Don’t worry at all." (0:11)

By telephone Paul’s daughter Jordan tells her friend Sophie, "My mom is being a total psycho." (0:14)

Burglar Knox tells Lucy, "Don’t get amnesia on me." (0:16)

Surgeon: "Prepare 100 milligrams of propofol." (0:19)

Paul realizes Lucy has died. (0:20)

A surgeon tells Paul, referring to Jordan,"She’s still in a coma, but she’s stable." (0:22)

Funeral for Lucy (0:23)

Psychiatrist Dr. Jill Klavens tells Paul, referring to his insomnia, "I can prescribe sleeping pills if it gets worse." (0:28)

Paul in psychotherapy session with Klavens (0:31)

Detective Kevin Raines tells Paul, "I mean, that’s three burglars who panicked." (0:33)

Gun shop salesperson Bethany tells Paul, "Don’t worry."
”Don’t even worry... but don’t worry...” (0:36)

Paul tells Frank, referring to Jordan’s hospital restraints, "She’s in handcuffs..." (0:40)

Paul grabs a prescription bottle labeled “zolpidem.” (0:44)

Detective Leonore Jackson tells Raines, referring to a shooting victim, "Multiple drug offenses..." (0:52)

Radio talk show host Mancow: "The ice cream man, the drug dealer, is part of the problem." (0:53)

A guest tells radio talk show host Sway, "This is a drug dealer." (0:54)

A detective tells Raines and Jackson, "Everybody’s nervous about a copycat."
Jackson: ”... the drug dealer.” (0:54)

Paul in session with Klavens (0:55)

Paul tells Frank, "It’s just been a crazy week."
”Thanks for your diagnosis, Dr. Frank Kersey.” (0:59)

Man in video: "Stay out of trouble you crazy kids." (1:07)

Raines tells Paul, "We were hoping you could offer some insight." (1:09)

Paul injects robber Joey.
Paul tells Joey, ”I think you’re gonna find the propofol is wearing off.” (1:13)

A nurse tells Jackson and Raines, "The patient’s this way." (1:22)

Frank tells Paul, "I’m worried about you." (1:24)

Paul tells Frank, referring to Jordan, who regained consciousness, "Mentally, she just found out her mother died." (1:28)

Jordan tells Jackson and Raines, "... I don’t remember anything after going upstairs to get the iPad." (1:29)

Paul tells Jordan, referring to a man on the elevator, "Somebody else’s patient." (1:31)