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The Deep End of the Ocean

Michelle Pfeiffer, Treat Williams, Whoopi Goldberg, Jonathan Jackson, Cory Buck, Ryan Merriman, Alexa PenaVega, Michael McGrady, Brenda Strong, Michael McElroy
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Paramedics inject hysterical photographer Beth with a sedative. (0:16)

Beth’s sister-in-law Theresa asks her brother Pat, “Don’t you think we’re all grieving here?” (0:33)

Beth tells Pat, “Another kid. It’d be like a replacement part, like you get a new gravy boat so you don’t spoil the set.“
“There was Pat holding together that poor crazy woman and those sweet little kids.” (0:38)

Chief Bastokovich tells Pat and Beth, referring to their son Ben, “He’s gonna need counseling.” (0:53)

Det. Candy Bliss tells Pat and Beth, “She had a nervous breakdown. They had to put her away... and about five years ago she committed suicide.” (0:59)

Sam’s adoptive father George tells Beth, “This wasn’t some lunatic and the boy she kidnapped.” (1:12)

Beth takes Ben (Sam) with her to a graveyard. Sam tells Beth, “Maybe he killed himself like my mom.” (1:20)

Sam asks his brother Vincent, “Were you drunk?”

Vincent: “Yeah, Sam, I was drunk.” (1:38)