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Gael García Bernal, Andrés Almeida, Fernanda Castillo, Luz Cipriota, Dagoberto Gama, Tenoch Huerta,Juan Pablo Medina, Jorge Luis Moreno, Pamela Reiter, Ana Serradilla, Camila Sodi, Giovanna Zacarías
marijuana | psylocybe | 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine
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Cristobal tells partiers, "... you're going to drive me crazy." (0:05)

Cristobal tells his girlfriend Mafer in a phone conversation, "God, you're moody." (0:06)

Cristobal's sister Elisa tells groundskeeper Adan, "I hear there's a massive party and magic mushrooms." (0:09)

Cristobal's friend Alvaro: "And Marcos, he got smashed, but you remember how smashed he was?" (0:26)

Her boyfriend Gus asks Elisa, "You want to drop some 'E' now or you want to wait?"
Elisa tells friend Capicu, "Hey, man, I need more weed for the brownies." (0:37)

Partier: "You're high as a kite." (0:46)

Gus tells Elisa, referring to Capicu, "He's a junkie..." He places a drug in her mouth.
Elisa: "What a bad trip, man!" (0:47)

Adan tells men in front of a store, "You filthy drunken bums... Getting drunk again?"
"Filthy drunken bums."
One of the men tells Adan, "Don't get wasted." (0:53)

Handing Dolores a joint Cristobal tells her, "Come on, they won't make you high." She takes a toke. (0:53)

Gus puts a pill in Elisa's mouth. (0:55)

Christobal tells Gus, "Shut up you junkie..." (1:07)

Elisa tells Christobal, "I had three ecstasies."
Cristobal tells Dolores, "I'm really nervous." (1:09)