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Definitely, Maybe

Ryan Reynolds, Isla Fisher, Derek Luke, Abigail Breslin, Elizabeth Banks, Rachel Weisz, Adam Ferrara, Annie Parisse, Liane Balaban, Kevin Kline, Sakina Jaffrey
marijuana | Kurt Cobain
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His girlfriend Emily tells advertising executive Will by telephone, “You’re drunk.” (0:18)

Will asks campaign worker Russell, “Are you insane?” (0:27)

Will asks a caller, “Did you know that 50% of Americans believe that marijuana use should be legalized?” (0:30)

Copier clerk April tells Will, referring to her boyfriend, ”Truth is he’s far more interested in being the next Kurt Cobain than in being my boyfriend.”
Will: ”Who’s Kurt Cobain?” (0:34)

Will tells April, “It’s hard for you to imagine a relationship... without even the slightest hint of... masochism.” (0:35)

April tells Will, referring to her father, “He died three weeks later in a car accident.” (0:39)

April tells Will, “This is Kurt Cobain.” (0:40)

Will tells his daughter Maya, referring to April, “Well, a week after Kurt Cobain died she started traveling.” (0:50)

Professor Hampton tells his audience, “The landscape of vocabulary is being... infantilized by a youth-obsessed media...” (0:51)

Will tells Hampton, “I’ve read every one of your books, and you’re completely obsessed with power and money.” (0:54)

Hampton asks Writer Summer, “That guy’s been in New York politics for over twenty years, and all you can dig up is that his daughter had an eating disorder?” (1:01)

Campaign worker Anne tells Russell and Will, referring to Robert, “I think he was completely plastered.” (1:02)

Will tells April, “I think I was just nervous to tell you.”
April: “Why would you be nervous to tell me?” (1:06)

Will tells April, “Go to rehab or life rehab or something like that.”
April: “I should go to “life rehab?” (1:19)

Summer tells Will, “I want to make amends with anyone I ever hurt.” (1:25)

Will tells Maya, “You’re in a good mood.” (1:27)