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Jake Gyllenhaal, Naomi Watts, Chris Cooper, Judah Lewis, Heather Lind, C.J. Wilson, Polly Draper, Debra Monk, Wass M. Stevens
marijuana | 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine
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Her father Phil and husband Davis learn of the death of Julia. (0:02)

Funeral for Julia at cemetery. (0:05)

Davis writes, “For some reason everything has become a metaphor... Mechanically retarded would be closer to the truth.” (0:21)

Phil tells Davis, “Some people wallow through their grief.” (0:25)

By telephone customer service representative Karen tells Davis she played on the jukebox “Crazy on You” by Heart.”
”It’s cannabis. I have a prescription.”
Davis: “... my image of you is a shadowy figure smoking pot in a Corolla.” (0:27)

Davis asks the others, “Would any of you consider ‘Crazy on You’ to be a sad song?” (0:28)

Davis, referring to Phil, “Her father thinks I’m losing my mind.” (0:31)

Davis tells Karen, referring to a college student he knew, “Sometimes I’d give him ecstasy.” (0:33)

Karen tells Davis, “I shouldn’t have... started following you.” (0:36)

One house demolition worker tells another, referring to Davis, “He’s probably a crackhead.”
”Crackheads don’t give people two hundred dollars.” (0:42)

Davis tells Karen, “You’re high, aren’t you.” (0:43)

Karen’s son Chris tells Davis, referring to her, “She’s... crazy... she’s a... pothead. She calls it cannabis “cause it makes her feel like less of a... pothead.”
Davis: “You sound like an idiot.” (0:46)

By telephone Davis tells Karen, “This might sound crazy, but there’s a station wagon that’s been stalking me the past couple of days..” (0:48)

Davis asks Karen, “This is where you get your prescription filled?”
Karen: ”It’s not a prescription.”
Karen buys marijuana from drug dealer Ray. (0:48)

Karen tells Chris, “I found her to be very thoughtful and empathetic... You have to spend a few weeks with a counselor...”
Davis tells Chris, referring to the cause of Julia’s death, ”Massive head trauma, car accident.” (0:57)

Chris, cross-dressed. (1:03)

Chris tells Davis, referring to school mate Jennifer, “I don’t know if I like her, or I’m just fixating.” (1:12)

Scholarship recipient Todd offers Karen a joint. (1:22)

Davis visits Julia’s grave. (1:29)