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Demolition Man

Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes, Sandra Bullock, Nigel Hawthorne, Benjamin Bratt, Bob Gunton, Glenn Shadix, Denis Leary, Grand L. Bush, Steve Kahan
Jeffrey Dahmer
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Police Sgt. John Spartan tells the chopper pilots, “A maniac hijacked a municipal bus with 30 passengers on it... and I got a real bad hunch who those passengers are and who that maniac is.” (0:01)

Spartan: “Send a maniac to catch one.” (0:01)

The captain tells Spartan, “I know you’ve been trying to nail this psycho for two years.” (0:06)

Assistant Warden Smithers tells Spartan, “You’ll be placed in cryo-stasis for the duration of your sentence, during which your behavior will be altered through synaptic suggestion.” (0:08)

Police Chief Earle tells police Lt. Huxley, “Because there was no need to create widespread panic.” (0:15)

Poster for Lethal Weapon 3 on Huxley’s office wall. Police officer Alfredo Garcia tells her, “You’re still addicted to the 20th century. High from its harshness, buzzed by its brutality.” (0:16)

Criminal Simon Phoenix asks the computer, “Come on, Hal, where are the... guns?” (0:24)

Police officer, by radio: “Maniac is imminent.”
Computer: “With a firm tone of voice demand maniac lie down with hands behind back.”
Officer: “Maniac has responded with a scornful remark.” (0:25)

Capt. Earle asks Dr. Cocteau, “How can a man be so blatantly sadistic?” (0:30) 

Huxley tells Spartan, referring to his wife, “She died... in an earthquake.” (0:35)

Earle, referring to Phoenix: “It is determined he will attempt to set up a drug lab and form a crime syndicate.” (0:40)

Phoenix, in a museum: “Excuse me, Rambo, I need to borrow this.” (0:46)

Voice from police radio: “Establish communication with maniac intruder.”
Spartan: “Hey Luke Skywalker, use the Force.” (0:46)

Associate Bob tells Cocteau, “Sir, the stress breeder is inside being demobilised as we speak.” (0:51)

Spartan tells Cocteau, “You don’t know how lucky you are that maniac didn’t whack you.”
Earle tells Cocteau, “You told us to do everything in our power to capture the madman.” (0:52)

Cocteau tells Spartan, “People just wanted the madness over.”
Huxley: “A person would go insane.”
Cocteau: ”The side effects of the cryo process are unavoidable.” (0:58)

Huxley tells Spartan, “... now I realize that you’re the moody troubled-past gunslinger...” (1:03)

Phoenix tells Cocteau, referring to New Yorkers, “They’re too uptight.” (1:06)

Spartan tells Cocteau, “If you think you’ve got this maniac under control, trust me. You don’t.”
Bob faints. (1:18)

Spartan tells Huxley, referring to Phoenix, “I gotta nail that maniac and put him on ice...”
Spartan tells officer Garcia, “I’m gonna find that psycho Phoenix and enhance his calm.” (1:20)

Garcia tells Spartan, “I’m sorry, but when I’m nervous...” (1:21)

Phoenix: “Jeffrey Dahmer?” (1:41)

Spartan: “Send a maniac to catch a maniac.” (1:41)

Phoenix tells Spartan, “Good memory.” (1:46)

Rebel leader Friendly: “We’re gonna go out drinking, get shit-faced and paint the town...” (1:48)