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Rachel Weisz, Tom Wilkinson, Timothy Spall, Andrew Scott, Jack Lowden, Caren Pistorius, Alex Jennings
Heinrich Himmler | Adolf Hitler | Elvis Presley
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Author Prof. Deborah Lipstadt tells her audience, “Holocaust denial rests on four basic assertions.” (0:05)

Lipstadt tells her audience, “So denial is a pick to undo a lock to open the door to something else.”
”... I don’t debate with people who say Elvis is still alive.”
Holocaust denier David Irving: “You even said that Hitler ordered it... anyone who can show me a document that proves that Hitler ordered the killing of the Jews.” (0:06)

Television news reporter describes Irving “... praising Hitler’s deputy Rudolf Hess...” (0:11)

Lipstadt tells her friend, “I think I called him a Hitler partisan...” (0:12)

Lipstadt tells lawyer Anthony Julius, referring to Irving, “He fell in love with Hitler when he was eight... shouting ‘Heil Hitler’.”
Julius tells her Irving sees ”... things from Hitler’s point of view.” (0:14)

(Numerous additional references to Hitler follow.)

Book entitled “Hitler” on barrister Richard Rampton’s desk. (0:30)

Rampton tells Lipstadt, “The world is full of cowards, and I’ve always had this nervous feeling that I was one of them.” (0:43)

Book entitled “Hitler’s War” on the judge’s desk. (0:50)

Irving testifies, “It’s like being called a wife beater or a pedophile.” (0:52)

Lipstadt tells her legal team, “It was confusing.” (0:53)

Julius tells Lipstadt, “... a trial, I’m afraid, is not therapy.” (0:57)

Julius tells the others, “Try not to panic.” (1:03)

Witness Prof. Richard Evans testifies, addressing Irving, “Heinrich Himmler, the head of the SS, kept a log... In Hitler’s War you write... ‘At 1:30 Himmler was obliged to telephone from Hitler’s bunk...' ” (1:19)

Julius tells paralegal Laura Tyler, “It’s an obsession.” (1:22)