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Desert Bloom

Annabeth Gish, Jon Voight, JoBeth Williams, Ellen Barkin, Jay Underwood, Desiree Joseph, Dusty Balcerzak, Allen Garfield
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Gas station owner and veteran Jack hears battle sounds. Flashback or hallucination? He drinks, rages, and tells his step-daughter Rose, referring to the dirty dishes, “Maybe if you see them it’ll improve your memory. (0:14)

Boy Scout Robin tells the girls: “My dad’s dead. He got killed in the war.” (0:34)

Starr tells her sister Lily, Jack's wife, “If he can keep off the booze he’ll be fine.”
Lily: “It’s his nerves. They’re shot.” (0:41)

Rose: “... Jack was still in the hospital drying out.” (0:43)

Starr tells the girls, “Now I want you to remember that Jack’s probably gonna be a little nervous.” (0:46)

Jack drinks again. (0:59)

Jack, in a flashback, believes he is in danger. (1:02)

Lily tells Rose, referring to Jack, “He wouldn’t have done it if he had been sober.” (1:07)

Starr tells Rose, referring to makeup, “It’s good for... hangovers, insomnia...” (1:08)

Jack, referring to Albert Einstein, “They thought he was retarded, but he wasn’t retarded at all.”
”They thought he was retarded. He wasn’t retarded.” (1:13)