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Dirk Bogarde, Andréa Ferréol, Klaus Lowitsch, Volker Spengler, Peter Kern, Alexander Allerson, Gottfried John, Hark Bohm
Adolf Hitler | Vincent van Gogh
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Chocolate business owner Herman Hermann answers his wife Lydia, "Mostly jumping out of windows."
Intelligence would take the bloom off your carnality.”
Herman sees a double of himself sitting across the room. (0:05)

Herman tells Lydia’s cousin Ardalion, "... there’s a man who looks exactly like me..." (0:16)

Herman asks insurance salesman Orlovius, "What do you know about this subject: dissociation... the split person, the man who stands outside himself?"
Orlovius: ”Does it only happen when you are drunk?” (0:18)

Herman sees his double. (0:22, 0:25, 0:41)

Picture of Adolf Hitler on a poster (0:29)

Herman talks to his double: ”You have my face.”
”I stand before me.” (0:33)

Herman asks his secretary, "Am I mad?" (0:36)

Ardalion: "You don’t have to worry about Bruning..."
Herman: ”You are a stupid idiot.” (0:44)

Herman asks Felix Weber, "Do you know what a double is?" (0:52)

Herman asks Felix, "When did you ever dream of having 100?" (1:02)

Herman: "Madness." (1:03)

Herman tells Orlovius, "I have a little insomnia; I’m a little bit nervous... I’m a little bit depressed today."
”I received one of those idiotic blackmail letters.”
”He’s not quite right in the head.”
Referring to Lydia: ”... if anything happened to me, I fear she wouldn’t grieve very long.” (1:07)

Herman tells Ardalion, "Lydia and I are worried about your drinking."
”If you promise to stop drinking, I’ll give you the money for the ticket.” (1:10)

Herman: "Lydia, I’m afraid I’ve made you very anxious recently..."
”My dead brother was so close he was almost my second self.”
”Nothing would deflect him from the path he had chosen: suicide.” (1:16)

The polic inspector tells Lydia, referring to Herman, "We found him murdered."
Lydia swoons in Ardalion’s arms. (1:29)

Memorial for Herman
Orlovius tells the inspector, referring to Herman: ”I could see he was worried by it.” (1:30)

A woman tells Herman, "My husband made it possible for my dreams to come true. I knew he was going to die when we married." (1:37)

A man tells Herman, "Must be off his head." (1:40)

Herman: "All this obsession with murder" (1:44)

Title: "Dedicated to... Vincent van Gogh" (1:54)