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Desperate Hours (1990)

Cast Mickey Rourke, Anthony Hopkins, Mimi Rogers, Kelly Lynch, Lindsay Crouse, Elias Koteas, David Morse
Year released1990
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Attorney Nancy Breyers argues before the court, "I’ll also point out that Michael Bosworth’s I.Q. has been measured above 130."
Prosecutor: ”The prosecution concedes that Michael Bosworth is very intelligent, but we also know that he always reverts to violence.” (0:06)

FBI agent Brenda Chandler tells agent Bob, "Call it women’s intuition."
Referring to Breyers: ”Even if we had cold proof, even if that marshal recovers, she’d waltz into court and say she was mesmerized. ‘He made me do it.’ Temporary insanity.” (0:19)

Michael asks lawyer Tim Cornell, “Are you considering the options... maybe a little psychology?" (0:33)

Tim tells Michael, "I was a corporate lawyer, but I quit so I could defend psychopaths like you." (0:34)

Tim’s daughter May tells Tim, referring to Michael, Michael’s brother Wally, and their accomplice Albert, "They’re... idiots." (0:41)

May tells her mother Nora, referring to the thugs, "Well, one of the retards must have found it." (0:50)

When Michael kills realtor Ed, Nora faints. (1:01)

FBI agent Maddox tells Chandler, referring to Michael, "The guy is a... maniac." (1:19)

Chandler tells Breyers, "I’m in a real bad mood." (1:22)

Sniper: "I’ve got this wacko in my sights." (1:24)

Nora tells Breyers, "You must be insane." (1:24)

Wally tells Michael, referring to May, "That’s one less we got to worry about." (1:26)

Chandler tells Tim, referring to Michael, "He’s going to go suicidal any minute now." (1:29)

Chandler answers Maddox, "In the ego." (1:33)

Her son Zack tells Nora, "Don’t worry." (1:34)

The Desperate Hours

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