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Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo

Rob Schneider, Eddie Griffin, Jeroen Krabbé, Til Schweiger, Douglas Sills, Carlos Ponce, Charles Keating, Hanna Verboom, Alex Dimitriades, Kostas Sommer
hashish | nicotine | marijuana
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By telephone fish expert Deuce tells his friend, a former pimp, T.J., “Well that’s crazy.” (0:05)

The waiter tells T.J. and Deuce as he places packets on their table, “Here’s your hashish,”
Deuce: ”Hashish?”
T.J.: “If you want marijuana, ganji or some freaky-deaky, you go to a coffee shop.”
Other patrons smoke pipes. A policeman lights T.J.’s joint and tells him, “Now, that joint looks loose. If want, I’ll roll the next one.”
T.J. asks Deuce, “You want a hit?”
Deuce: “Never been high.”
Intoxicated, Deuce experiences visual disturbances: “I must have gotten a contact buzz.” (0:09)

Deuce tells gigolo Heinz, “Man, are you wasted.” (0:16)

Deuce tells T.J., “I didn’t know you could die from pot.”
T.J.: “This is no pot-related fatality. This is no ganja accident.” (0:18)

Police inspector Gaspar tells Deuce “People see a lot of crazy things when they're high on space cake.”
Deuce: “There’s drugs in space cake?” (0:21)

Gigolo Chadsworth, addressing Royal Order Of European Man Whores: “Until this insane killer is apprehended the union is going to institute a new security measure.” (0:25)

Gaspar asks a driver, “Is this truck full of marijuana?. Is this truck full of marijuana? Can’t you read the sign? No unloading pot in the red zone.”
Driver: “But sir... we need all this pot for the party.” (0:32)

Gaspar’s niece Eva tells Deuce, “I have obsessive compulsive disorder. I have these little rituals that I can’t help doing. I can’t touch doorknobs, I snap my fingers when I see a bus, and when someone sneezes I slap myself three times.”
She bites Deuce’s arm. “Bells make me do that.” (0:34)

Deuce tells another aquarium patron, “The nicotine in that cigarette is poisonous.” (0:36)

Eva tells Deuce, “Before I can go on a date I have to collect five different colored tulips, eat two herring and drink a beer from a wooden shoe.” (0:37)

A woman tells a group of gigolos, “I need a quick gigolo fix.” (0:38)

A woman tells Deuce, “Apparently there’s some maniac who’s killing them all.” (0:45)

Deuce asks Eva, “Did you just kiss me nine times because you’re OCD?” (0:50)

T.J. as costumed street vendor: “Stoner Steve. Who wants to get high? Stoner Steve.”
”Stoner Steve. Stoner Steve cafe.” (0:52)

Deuce tells T.J., “You idiot!” (0:58)

Deuce tells Gaspar, “I know it sounds crazy...”
”... we have to put our egos aside right now...”
Gaspar: “Maybe because they represent a decline of this once glorious city, which has now become a new Sodom and Gomorrah for rich college kids to smoke hash...” (1:02)

Gaspar pretends to sneeze causing Eva to slap herself. (1:06)

A gigolo tells Gaspar, “Go nuts.” (1:09) 

Tourist: “I’m from Canada, and I’m wasted.” (1:10)

Gaspar, referring to Deuce: “You idiot.” (1:11)

An old Dutch woman uses Deuce’s wife’s prosthetic leg as a bong.” (1:17)