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Deuces Wild

Stephen Dorff, Brad Renfro, James Franco, Matt Dillon, Fairuza Balk
Elvis Presley | heroin
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Their mother Esther and their brother Bobby grieve the death of Leon’s brother Allie.
Leon tells Marco, ”I told you not to sell him drugs.” (0:01)

Bobby tells gangster Philly Babe, "Over my dead body are you gonna move junk into this building."
Gangster: ”Who said anything about junk?” (0:08)

Philly Babe asks a construction worker, "Do I look like I’m all right, you moron?" (0:09)

Leon: "Don’t worry, ma." (0:10)

Leon asks Bobby, "What, are you... crazy?"
”There will be no junk on this block, ever...” (0:11)

Leon tells gangster Fritzy, "They’re gonna deal junk out of there."
Fritzy, referring to Allie, ”We’re all sorry for your loss, but he was a little junkie, wasn't’ he?” (0:12)

Jimmy “Pockets” tells his sister Annie, "You can take that crazy mother of yours with you."
Pockets snorts an unidentified drug. (0:17)

Annie tells a friend, "You’ll go crazy, right?" (0:18)

Philly tells his prison inmate cousin Marco, "Paranoid as a..." (0:20)

Elvis Presley on television
Gangster: "They got Elvis" (0:21)

Leon asks another Deuce, "You crazy?" (0:23)

Annie tells Bobby, referring to her brother Pockets, "... he spends the whole day in the bathroom, shootin’ skag and drinkin’ beer... He’s crazier than my mother."
Bobby: ”You think that’s crazy, you should see my house.” (0:26)

Bobby tells Viper Jimmy, referring to Leon, "Don’t worry, he’ll be here, you grease monkey." (0:31)

Leon experiences a flashback of finding Allie dead. (0:35, 1:23)

Bobby tells Annie, referring to Allie, "He started out, he just... he just had a little habit, but then he got strung out. Leon went to Marco and Jimmy and said, ‘Stop givin’ my brother junk, but they kept givin’ it to him... then one day they gave him a hot shot. They killed him." (0:37)

A Viper tells Marco, referring to Leon, "He went crazy." (0:42)

Marco tells Philly Babe, "Don’t worry."
Another Viper answers Marco, referring to Scooch, ”That drunk asshole Gino’s kid.” (0:44)

Marco tells Fritzy, "Heroin. I got an unlimited supply." (0:48)

Marco tells the Vipers, "Anybody wants to get high in Brooklyn, they’re gonna come to the avenue first." (0:50)

A policeman tells Jimmy Pockets, "We know you sold the drugs to Allie." (0:57)

Maurice sells heroin to Leon.
Maurice: ”You can step on that thing ten times, it’ll still take you out to deep space.” (1:01)

Leon tells his girlfriend Betsy, "I’m not in the mood." (1:05)

Philly Babe asks Leon, "Are you crazy?" (1:09)

Leon tells Esther, "Don’t worry, Ma." (1:10)

Jimmy tells Annie, referring to the music, "It’s driving me crazy."
”You’re... nuts.”
”You’re both nuts.”
”You’re... nuts.” (1:12)

Bobby tells Leon, "Word is you went crazy at Fritzy’s place."
Leon: ”Don’t worry about that.” (1:13)

Annie tells Bobby, "I feel like I’m losing my mind." (1:14)

Leon tells the other Deuces, "So I went to see Tommy Esposito, looked at me like I was crazy, said it was a suicide mission." (1:16)

Philly Babe rages. (1:20)

Bobby watches a gangster kill Leon. Grief overcomes Esther. (1:26)

Burial of Leon in a cemetery. (1:27)

Bobby: "Like Leon said, ‘There will be no junk on this block, ever’." (1:30)