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Diabolique (1996)

Sharon Stone, Isabelle Adjani, Chazz Palminteri, Kathy Bates, Spalding Gray, Donal Logue
Spalding Gray | ethyl alcohol-chloral hydrate | nicotine | Nicorette | testosterone
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Mia reaches for prescription bottles then gasps and falls to the floor. (0:03)

One videographer asks the other, “Aren’t you glad you never did drugs?” (0:07)

Teacher Nicole tells a student, “I’ll be in a better mood on Tuesday.” (0:07)

Nicole tells teacher Mia, ”I don't know what you did to him last night, but your husband was in one of his moods last night”
”Anyway, I only went over there because the wife chooses to sedate herself.” She shows Mia a vial of capsules in her purse.
“That woman has enough drugs over there to relax China.” (0:08)

Nicole empties contents of capsules into whiskey. Mickey Finn? (0:19)

Mia's schoolmaster husband Guy passes out. (0:28)

Nicole tells Mia, referring to Guy, “He was drunk.” (0:42)

Mia swoons. (0:50)

Detective Shirley tells the coroner's desk officer, “I’m quitting. Nicorette.” (0:57)

Shirley tries to open her Nicorette.
Shirley tells Mia, referring to men, “Testosterone.” (1:02)

Lisa tells Nicole, “Well, I’m going to have an anesthetic for God's sake.” (1:11)

Nicole tells Shirley about “Drug searches. Some of the kids here used to use."
Shirley: "My son had a habit."
"IV drug users."
Nicole: “I’d kill myself.”
Shirley places Nicorette in her mouth. (1:14)

Shirley places Nicorette in her mouth. (1:30)

Remake of Diabolique (1955)