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Diary of a Country Priest

Claude Laydu, Leon Arvel, Antoine Balpêtré, Jean Danet, Jeanne Étiévant, André Guibert, Bernard Hubrenne, Nicole Ladmiral, Martine Lemaire
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Old Fabregars tells the Priest of Ambricourt, “Let my poor old wife be buried decently.” (0:05)

Ambricourt, referring to his helper, “He puts on a dance every Sunday and calls it ‘The Families’ Ball,’ where boys have fun getting young girls drunk.” (0:08)

The Count tells Ambricourt, “You’re mad.” (0:16)

Ambricourt, referring to the Countess, “I knew she was withdrawn and entirely absorbed in the memory of her dead child.” (0:18)

Ambricourt: “What if it had only been an illusion?” (0:29)

Funeral procession for Dr. Delbende. Ambricourt: “It was rumored that Dr. Delbende had committed suicide.” (0:31)

Ambricourt asks the Priest of Torcy, referring to Delbende,“If he really killed himself, do you think...” (0:33)

The Count’s daughter Chantal tells Ambricourt, “Kill her, or kill myself.” (0:37)

Ambricourt, referring to Chantal, “I thought I read suicide in her eyes.” (0:41)

Ambricourt tells the Countess, “Those are the ones who kill themselves.”
Countess: ”This is madness.”
”This is insane.”
”I should have killed myself.”
Ambricourt: ”What madness.” (0:42)

Wake for the Countess. (0:57)

Ambricourt: “The memory of our struggle came back so vividly that I thought I would faint.” (0:57)

The Canon tells Ambricourt, “The illusion of health is not health.” (0:59)

Ambricourt: “Though I thought I must destroy those pages written in a moment of true delirium...” (1:08)

Torcy tells Ambricourt, “LIsten, I’m not angry with you, and I don’t take you for a drunk. We country people of these parts are all more or less drunkards’ children.” (1:16)

Ambricourt: “I must have fainted the first time beyond the Auchy woods.” (1:20)

Chantal tells Ambricourt, “Everyone here takes you for a drunkard.” (1:29)

Sign: “Drugs and Similar Products” (1:43)

Dufrety tells Ambricourt, “The smallest fainting spell terrifies me.” (1:51)