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Die, Mommie, Die!

CastCharles Busch, Natasha Lyonne, Jason Priestley, Frances Conroy, Philip Baker Hall, Stark Sands, Victor Raider-Wexler, Nora Dunn, Sara Gilbert
Year released2003
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Singer Angela wanders in a cemetery. She places flowers given to her by a fan on the grave of her twin sister Barbara. (0:00)

Angela tells actor Tony, referring to her daughter Edith, “There’s no use talking to her when she’s in a mood.” (0:07)

Edith tells Tony, “As a student of psychology I wondered what you could possibly see in my mother.”
”You’re not a shrink.” (0:08)

Tony tells Angela, “Sometimes a death in the family... can be a traumatic experience for a child.” (0:09)

Sol tells Tony, referring to Angela’s driving, “Overnight she developed some phobia about it.”
Edith, referring to Barbara’s death, “No, from an overdose of pills.” (0:11)

Angela tells her film director husband Sol, “You’re mad.” (0:15)

Angela asks her son Lance, “Do I smell pot?”
”I’m quite familiar with reefer...”
Lance: “I’m a mental cripple.” (0:17)

Angela: “... the murder of King Agamemnon by his queen, Clytemnestra, was remarkably relevant to our contemporary anxieties.”
Sol tells Lance, “You eat normal, or we’re going to shut you away in an institution.” (0:24)

Sol tells Edith, “I’m just having trouble sleeping.” (0:26)

Edith grieves the death of Sol. Policeman: “Mrs. Sussman, was your husband on any heart medications?”
Angela: “I poo pooed his aches and pains, called him a pathetic neurotic hypochondriac.” (0:35)

Edith asks Tony, “What kind of a crazy world is this?”
Tony, referring to Angela: “She casts a hypnotic spell over a man.” (0:36)

Eulogies at memorial gathering for Sol. (0:42)

Edith tells maid Bootsie, “I always knew that mother was nothing more than a cheap, hopped up nymphomaniac.” (0:45)

Lance tells Edith, “I’m confused.” (0:48)

Edith tells Lance, “Daddy said it was the drugs, the pill-popping mother did during the pregnancy that made you the way you are.”
”... because mother was so selfish and evil that she wouldn’t give up her precious sleeping pills.” (0:49)

Angela tells Bootsie, “You are a liar, a cheat and a drunk.”
Bootsie: “I dried out at one of those fancy sanitariums years ago.”
Angela: “You’re a lonely, bitter souse, Bootsie.” (0:57)

Lance tells Tony, “You were gonna say, ‘Are you crazy?’” (1:01)

Headline: “ARDEN MAID - A SUICIDE” (1:01)

Edith asks Angela, “How many dolls have you taken?” (1:02)

Lance asks Edith, referring to Angela, “Well, what if she was under the influence of something?”
Edith: “Kind of a truth serum?”
Lance: “My plan is to send mom on a little trip, an acid trip, LSD, a mind bender.”
Edith: “LSD? Can you score some?”
Lance: “Put a little acid-laced sugar cube in mother’s after dinner coffee.” (1:03)

Angela: “White, after all, is the traditional color of mourning in India.” (1:04)

Dressed in drag, Lance mouths one of Angela’s songs. Angela begins to experience psychedelic distortions. (1:05)

Lance tells Edith, referring to Angela, “She’s really strung out, man.” (1:09)

Angela’s twin Barbara: “If my sister died, no one would mourn... I could be Angela.” (1:12)

Radio reporter: “The sister of singer Angela Arden was found dead today of an apparent overdose. Authorities believe Barbara Arden took her own life.” (1:14)

Barbara sees a vision of Angela and Sol as zombies. (1:14)

Sol tells Barbara, “They laced your coffee with LSD... That was some bender you were on.”
Barbara: “LSD.” (1:18)

Edith: “Daddy, no more secrets, please.”
Tony, referring to his FBI agent father: “He was part of the investigation into the suicide of Barbara Arden... Everyone thought he was off his bean... I’d been obsessed with finding the truth...”
Barbara: “Edith, if you could only believe that behind all the madness I so wanted to be your mother...”
”You always knew I was an imposter, didn’t you?”
Edith: ”I suppose unconsciously I did. It left me confused and angry.”
Tony: “... and in the process I’ve become obsessed with you.” (1:20)

How many kinds of (interlocking) relationship triangles can you find?

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