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James Woods, Heather Graham, Louis Gossett Jr., Bruce Dern, Oliver Platt, Randall Tex Cobb, Thomas Wilson Brown
amyl nitrite
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Gabe tells Fitz, “I told you the pills would keep you from getting drunk. The hangover, on the other hand, pretty much non-negotiable.” (0:24)

Gabe tells boxer Roy, referring to boxer Charles, “They drugged the guy.”
”He shot him up with amyl nitrate between rounds... put the dope in his nasal spray.” (0:42)

Bank clerk Emily is overcome with grief after realizing her brother Wolf has been killed. Gabe tells her, “Emily, your brother accidentally found out something he wasn’t supposed to know... and before he even realized what he knew, he was the county drug lord and being carted off to prison.” (0:44)

Funeral for Wolf. (0:46)

Roy tells Gabe, “Figured since I was taking all the punches, only fair you share in some of the anxiety.” (0:59)

Boxer Ham is overcome with grief when he finds his brother dead. (1:09)

A reporter asks boxer Ham, “Your brother ever tried to commit suicide before?” (1:10)

John asks his buddies, “What’re you guys so depressed about?” (1:32)