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Dirty Filthy Love

Michael Sheen, Adrian Bower, Claudie Blakley, Anastasia Griffith, Katie McGuinness, Anton Lesser, Ebe Sievwright, Elliot Cowan, Shirley Henderson, John O'Mahony, Daniel Kruyer
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Mark exhibits rituals, coprolalia and motor and vocal tics throughout the film. (0:02)

Mark tells his friend Nathan, referring to Mark’s wife Stevie, “I know that me being off work is driving her mad...” (0:08)

With his hand Nathan mimics a pistol shot to the head. (0:09)

Mark tells Cathy and Nathan, “Stress, depression... more depression.” (0:10)

Mark tics after compulsively washing his hands. (0:11)

Mark: “I was under a lot of stress here...”
He curses impulsively. (0:13)

Mark tells Stevie, “I’m not stalking you.”
Mark tics: “Bitch! Bitch!” (0:17)

Mark tells Dr. Dunphy, “You’re going to say it’s the depression.”
”Because depression can’t explain everything away.”
”Okay, well I’ve got it down to three possibles: meningitis, early senile dementia, or maybe a brain tumor.”
”You’re clinically depressed.”
”I get... confusion. I get very down about things, black moods.”
Dunphy: “We’ve had you on 20 mgs. a day. Let’s try a stronger dose...” (0:19)

Dr. Dunphy’s patient Charlotte tells Mark, “Let me guess, fluoxetine 20 mgs. a day, maybe 40. Did he up the dosage?”
”I’m with a self-help group.”
”... I have a problem with odd numbers, and it’s good therapy for me to have to fight it...” (0:21)

Group member Gemma: “Obsessive-compulsive disorder.” (0:25)

Group member Geraldine: “So I started to obsess about not wanting him to see me at the point of climax.” (0:27)

Charlotte asks Mark, “Freak you out in there, did it?”
”Just the freedom of sitting there with a bunch of nuts who’s just as loony as you are.”
”That’s Tourette syndrome or maybe some kind of vocal tic disorder. They can both be connected to OCD.”
”... it’s all do to... neurotransmitters.”
Mark: “Neurotransmitters?” (0:28)

Charlotte tells Mark, “Two years of therapy, five years of medication...”
Mark: “What sort of therapy?”
Charlotte: “Cognitive behavioral therapy.”
“... but the part of the brain... need to rationalize and get rid of them...”
Mark: “The neurotransmitters.”
”So what does the therapy do?”
Charlotte: “It’s autism or something.” (0:29)

Group member Rhodri: “I’m going nowhere near that bloody egg.”
“Salmonella.” (0:35)

Charlotte tells Mark, “I haven’t got Tourette’s.”
”The night he came home and found me crying hysterically...” (0:36)

Mark tells Cathy and Nathan, “I’ve got to describe all my OCDs...” (0:38)

Mark tells Charlotte, “I mean my OCDs.” (0:42)

With difficulty Mark successfully climbs the stairs without his rituals. (0:44)

Mark tells Charlotte, referring to Stevie, “I’ve driven her away by being a total... fruitcake.”
Charlotte: “You’ve got to get... a proper course of therapy.” (0:46)

Group meeting. Rhodri, referring to his daughter’s ice cream: “I started obsessing that the chemicals in it would eat through the fabric...”
”... and there she was, hysterical.” (0:54)

Charlotte tells Mark, “That is the definition of madness... For that moment his OCD was even more important to him than his child.”
Mark: “Yeah, madness.” (0:55)

Nathan tells Mark, referring to Stevie, “She wants me to tell you to stop...”
”... following her.” (1:06)

Mark’s cluttered apartment. Charlotte asks him, ”Do you remember I was talking to you about getting therapy... proper therapy?”
”You've been skipping your medication, haven't you?” (1:11)

Charlotte tells Mark, referring to Stevie, “She's an obsession.” (1:19)

Marke Charlotte, “All my OCDs... I start ticing and twitching away.” (1:23)

Stevie, referring to Mark: “You’re really freaking me out.”
Stevie tells Charlotte, referring to Mark, “He's been stalking me.”
”I was confused.” (1:26)

Charlotte tells Mark, “A bit of a bad hair day.” (1:31)