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The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie

Fernando Rey, Delphine Seyrig, Ernesto Alonso
Sigmund Freud | cocaine | marijuana
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In a restaurant a woman cries over the body of the recently deceased owner. (0:08)

Ambassador Raphael explains to his friends Francois and Henri how "they arrested an ambassador with ninety pounds of cocaine." He opens his "diplomatic bag" and passes out plastic bags full of white powder. He takes a pinch from a pill box and deposits it in a palm of each of them. They agree on its purity. (0:12)

Francois says of the dry Martini, "There is no better tranquilizer." (0:17)

Florence tells the party, "I've several complexes. The Euclid complex." (0:32)

Hubert, the lieutenant as a boy, sees visions of his deceased parents and hears his mother talking to him. (0:34)

Raphael tells the terrorist, "If Mao said that it means he doesn't understand Freud." (0:46)

Soldiers share a joint. Francios' wife Simone asks, "What are you smoking colonel?" He replies, "Marijuana" (0:52)

The colonel says, "Marijuana is nothing." Francois argues, "It's the first step. I loathe drug addicts." Raphael responds, "6,000 U.S. Marines were discharged for being drug addicts." The colonel declares, "Marijuana isn't a drug." (0:53)