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Dishonored Lady

Hedy Lamarr, Dennis O'Keefe, John Loder
Sigmund Freud
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Magazine art editor Madeleine Damien crashes her car, apparently trying to kill herself. (0:02)

Dr. Richard Caleb tells Madeleine, "I happen to be a psychiatrist."
Madeleine: ”I don’t need a psychiatrist.”
Caleb: ”Half of my patients are like that.”
Madeleine: ”But I’m not one of your patients.” (0:03)

Caleb: "Miss Damien, you’re an intelligent woman, not an idiot... When you get ready to throw yourself off Brooklyn Bridge, will you come and see me first?" (0:05)

Her boss Victor Kranish asks Madeleine, "How’s the insomnia?"
Madeleine: ”Oh, I’ve found some new sleeping pills...” (0:08)

Madeleine asks Freddy Fancher, "Oh, am I that hard to take sober?"
Freddy: ”I’m mad about you...” (0:09)

Jewelry business owner Felix Courtland tells Madeleine, "... very few people are intelligent enough to admit it."
Madeleine: ”I’m not nervous at all, see?”
”Insomnia does that.” (0:14)

A motorist asks Madeleine, "Lady, if you want to kill yourself, why don’t you try the bridge?" (0:18)

Caleb tells Madeleine, welcoming her into his office, "I’m glad I was right: An intelligent woman, not an idiot."
Madeleine, on the couch, referring to her painter father: ”He was the happiest man in the world, until... until he killed himself.”
Caleb: ”That would worry you... and then you would drug yourself with the excitement of more excitement. You’re suffering from... a neurotic malady as common as chronic alcoholism. Suppose for a moment that you were an alcoholic... Instead of getting at the cause, the drunkard solves his problem by taking another drink...” (0:18)

Caleb tells Courtland, "Now, you’ve come here for information, not diagnosis." (0:24)

Courtland tells Madeleine, "Men prefer to keep their illusions, don’t they?" (0:39)

Session with Caleb. Caleb tells Madeleine, “You let him fall in love with an illusion...” (0:40)

Madeleine answers her pathologist fiance Dr. David Cousins, "That you love me and not an illusion that you built up about me."
David: ”Scientists can’t believe in illusions.” (0:42)

David tells Madeleine, "Hope you suffer like a maniac." (0:43)

Her former assistant Ethel Royce asks Madeleine, "Shall we say just, uh, moody?" (0:49)

Courtland tells Madeleine, "... a significant omission, as your friend Freud would say." (0:53)

Jack Garet knocks Courtland unconscious with a blow to the head with a heavy cigarette lighter. (0:56)

Madeleine faints when she sees a headline about Courtland’s murder. (0:58)

Madeleine tells David, "You made me sane and happy." (1:02)

Caleb tells David, "Miss Damien’s a patient of mine."
”I happen to be her psychiatrist.” (1:07)

District attorney O’Brien asks Caleb on the witness stand, "You're a psychiatrist?"
”Miss Damien came to you as a patient?”
”Isn’t it true, doctor, that people do not go to psychiatrists unless they consider themselves, well... not well balanced?”
”As a matter of fact, wasn’t Miss Damien on the verge of committing suicide when she made her first visit to you?”
”However, is it not true that people who come to you as patients, come with problems?”
Caleb: ”That is a confidential matter between doctor and patient...” (1:08)

Caleb tells David, "You see I’m interested in Miss Damien because she’s a patient of mine." (1:10)