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Disney's A Christmas Carol

Jim Carrey, Gary Oldman, Colin Firth, Steve Valentine
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As in the earlier A Christmas Carol there may be a fine line here between hallucinations and visions. In this new version, however, as the story progresses the special effects seem to become less like hallucinations and more real. Also, by comparison, the new version attends only fleetingly to the emotional impact on Scrooge of his earlier losses.

The first apparent hallucination occurs as Scrooge approaches the front door of his home. The sculpture in his door knocker appears to transform into the image of his dead partner, Marley. (0:17)

Scrooge suggests to Marley's ghost that his vision might be nothing more than a product of indigestion. Psychotic Disorder Due to a General Medical Condition? (0:22)

Looking out the window Scrooge sees visions of myriad tortured souls. (0:28)

The ghost of Christmas past appears as a burning candle. (0:30)

The ghost of Christmas present. (0:45)

Scrooge sees the visual embodiment of "want," represented by a young woman, clad in a camisole. (1:01)

Grief over the death of young Tim Cratchit. (1:14)