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Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

CastSandra Bullock, Ellen Burstyn, Fionnula Flanagan, James Garner, Cherry Jones, Ashley Judd, Shirley Knight, Angus Macfadyen, Maggie Smith, Matthew Settle, David Rasche, Gina McKee, Caitlin Wachs
Year released2002
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Sidda tells her fiance, "Connor, give me a Xanax. Give me a Xanax, Connor, please." (0:06)

Sidda’s mother Vivi tells her friend, "You know, Teensy, ever since you quit drinking, you stopped thinking clearly." (0:07)

Sidda tells Connor, referring to Vivi, "I am sick and tired of her tantrums and her drunken rages." (0:08)

Vivi's friend Caro tells Sidda, "No one on earth, and I mean no one, understands better than us how crazy your mama is... She's mad as a hatter..."
”Somebody fix me a drink and hand me a Nembutal, warn out Scarlett O'Hara...”
Caro: ”Are you out of your mind?” (0:13)

Caro tells the others, "It's a ‘roofie’ or something."
Teensy: ”No roofies. That's the date rape drug.”
Necie, referring to Sidda: ”She's practically a teetotaler...”
Caro laces Sidda’s drink with the Rohypnol.
Sidda, referring to Vivi, ”Long may she rave.” (0:15)

Teensy tells Sidda, "An intervention."
Sidda: ”I've been in therapy for 15 years with a professional.” (0:18)

Teensy tells Sidda, referring to a photograph, "That was on the way to Atlanta for the premiere of Gone with the Wind." (0:24)

Sidda: "Don't even worry about the afterlife." (0:29)

Vivi’s father Taylor tells her mother 'Buggy,' "You give the girl the goddamn ring, you pathetic Catholic idiot." (0:39)

Teensy tells Sidda, "You just delivered her a swift kick in the ego." (0:41)

Connor tells Sidda, "Well, horse tranquilizers will do that..." (0:43)

Caro tells Teensy, referring to the rehab center named for Betty Ford, "They'll explain it all to you at the Betty." (0:44)

By telephone, Sidda asks Connor, "Why are you so worried about this?"
Connor: ”These women may be nuts, but they might know something you don't.” (0:44)

Teensy’s mother Genevieve grieves the death of her son Jack. (0:47)

Caro tells Sidda, referring to Genevieve, "Then she stopped believing, and the good French lady took her leave." (0:48)

Her husband Shep tells Vivi, "Don't you worry. Drunk as you are all the time, I don't want to be in the house with you." (0:52)

By telephone, Sidda tells Connor, "Do not start that patronizing, ‘You're crazy right now, so I won't make any sudden moves till you're finished’ song." (0:53)

Caro tells Sidda, "... you don't call off a wedding and a 7-year goddamn relationship based on a phone call, especially after the goofballs we had you hopped up on."
Sidda tells Teensy, ”This isn't some goddamn recovered memory.” (0:59)

Her father Shep tells Sidda, "More like Stockholm syndrome."
Sidda: ”The inmate takes over the asylum.” (1:06)

Vivi tells Connor, "When I got back, I quit drinking."
”I saw a priest, who sent me to a doctor, who was supposed to cure me of the demon alcohol.” (1:25)

Vivi beats the children with a belt.
Worker Cheney: ”She done lost her mind.” (1:27)

Doctor: "I'm going to give her a mild tranquilizer." (1:28)

Vivi’s friend: "Shep, Vivi's sick. She has cracked up."
Her doctor, Beau, tells Shep, referring to Vivi, ”She doesn't know where she is.” (1:28)

Necie: "It was 6 months involuntary commitment, Sidda, and when she got back, we tried to get her to talk about her breakdown."
”And those pills. Dexamyl: Half Dexedrine, half Miltown. It was supposed to cure drinking.”
Sidda: ”Oh, I’m just adding up in my head the thousands and thousands of dollars I spent on therapy trying to figure out what I done wrong.” (1:32)

Vivi: "And Teensy, you're high enough as it is...”
A pilot tells Vivi, ”Don't worry about it, lady.” (1:35)

Vivi tells the pilot, referring to Sidda, "She panicked when it was her turn..." (1:37)

Vivi tells Sidda, "All those years that I prayed... for God to make me... saner..." (1:43)

Vivi tells Sidda, "This is the blood of... the Wolf People, the Alligator People and the crazy people..."
Caro: ”Honey, the only disease that could survive our bloodstream is alcoholism.” (1:49)

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