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Doc Martin

Martin Clunes, Dominic Rowan, Richard Dillane, Oliver Fox, Lynsey Baxter, Mark Heap, Tristan Sturrock, Tony Maudsley, Paul Brooke, Stephen Moore
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Anesthesiologist Tim tells obstetrician Martin, "You're being paranoid."
Martin: "Maybe I'm being paranoid." (0:02)

Martin's wife Petronella asks Martin, "Are you drunk Martin?" (0:05)

Martin identifies cabdriver Mitch's pills as "antidepressants." (0:12) 

The Vicar visits the cemetery with the sick deck hand. (0:29)

Harvey shares a joint with Martin. (0:38)

Martin smokes a joint. (0:41)

Martin finds the unused portion of his joint in a "jelly." (0:50)

Harvey and Martin share a joint. (0:54)

Petronella tells Martin, "I thought we could go to counseling." (1:10)