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Doctor Zhivago

Geraldine Chaplin, Julie Christie, Alec Guinness
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Funeral procession for young doctor Yuri's mother. (0:13)

Lara's mother Amalia has tried to kill herself by drinking iodine. (0:50)

Yuri's brother Yevgraf says of war, "Mostly it was mere hysteria." (1:14)

Yuri tells his wife Tonya, "I want to get some morphine."
Tonya: "I shan't need morphine." (2:29)

Yuri appears to be delirious. (2:44)

Attorney Viktor tells Yuri, referring to General Strelnikov (Lara's husband Pasha), "He was a murderous neurotic and no loss to anyone."
"On his way to execution he took a pistol from one of the guards and blew his own brains out." (3:06)

Yuri's grave. (3:14)

Reference in Damsels in Distress