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Yoshitaka Zushi, Kin Sugai, Toshiyuki Tonomura, and Shinsuke Minami
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Tatsu tells her husband Masuo, “Don’t get drunk again.”
Yoshie tells her husband Hatsutaro, ”Come home drunk again, and you sleep outside.”
”He was so drunk last night...”
Hatsutaro tells Masuo, “They nag you so much you end up in a bad mood.” (0:14)

Yukichi Shima exhibits a motor tic.
A woman tells the others, “... I can’t stand that tic of his or that wife of his.” (0:16)

Masuo, tells Yoshie and Hatsutaro, referring to Tatsu, “She was acting really grumpy.”
Yoshie tells Hatsutaro, ”You’re drunk.”
Hatsutaro tells Masuo, “This much won’t get me drunk, right, Buddy?”
Masuo tells Yoshie, ”My hands must be drunk, too.” (0:35)

Delivery man Okabe tells artificial flower maker Katsuko, “I know you work day and night, but you shouldn’t have to for that drunkard.“
”That darn drunkard.” (0:51)

Yoshie, referring to Hatsutaro: “He gets drunk like that sometimes.” (1:05)

A man tells Mr. Tanba, “I can’t stand myself.”
Anba, referring to poison: “You’ll die without pain an hour after taking it.
The man takes it and thanks Anba.
He tells Anba, “... after my sons... were killed at the Chna Front, I lost interest in business... My wife fell sick and died six months later.”
Anba: “Is it all right to kill them by killing yourself?”
”The effect of one drug can be mitigated by another.” (1:11)

The father tells his beggar son, “... neither of us have those symptoms.” (1:27)

A robber tells a detective, referring to Anba, “Maybe he’s senile.”
Anba asks, “Can someone who’s senile do work like this? (1:30)

Shima tics. (1:33, 1:36, 1:39)

Ocho tells her husband Hei, “... I’ve hated and blamed myself.” (1:42)

Masuo asks Tatsu, “How can you say that, idiot?”
Tatsu: “My husband’s dead drunk.” (2:04)

Tatsu tells Yoshie, referring to Masuo, “Mine was dead drunk again.” (2:11)

Katsuko tells Okabe, “I wanted to kill myself.”
Okabe: ”You mean suicide?” (2:12)

The beggar’s father buries his son in a cemetery. (2:15)

Shima tics. (2:16)