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Walter Huston, Ruth Chatterton, Paul Lukas, Mary Astor, David Niven
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Industrialist Sam Dodsworth tells banker Tubby pearson, "I want to sit under a linden tree now with nothing more important to worry about than the temperature of the beer." (0:05)

Sam and Fran’s daughter Emily tells Sam, referring to her new husband, "It’s Harry’s job to worry about me now." (0:07)

Fran Dodsworth tells Capt. Clyde Lockert, "You can’t think of what one misses by leading a safe and sane American life."
Clyde: ”Will you put me in charge of your safety and sanity?” (0:11)

Fran tells Clyde, "I don’t know what we’re going to do about Sam’s Anglomania."
Sam: ”That’s all right about my Anglomania, but come on, and look at the light with me, Fran, huh?” (0:13)

Passenger Edith Cortright tells Sam, "You asked for something quieting, and I prescribed stout." (0:14)

His wife Matey Pearson asks Tubby, "What is this, the heat wave or just a hangover?"
Emily tells Sam, “Do you know, Dad, when Mother didn’t come home with you and you looked so worried, I was afraid there might be some kind of trouble between you.” (0:42)

Sam tells Fran, "Certainly it’s ridiculous, the old triangle stuff." (0:55)

Fran tells Sam, "Well, after having opened my heart to you it makes me feel a little self-conscious to see you standing there not saying anything."
Sam:”Self-conscious, maybe that’s my trouble.” (0:59)

Sam tells Edith, "Pietro’s crazy about that motor." (1:29)

Edith tells Sam, referring to Fran, "I won’t see you killed by her selfishness." (1:33)

Sam answers Fran, "Maybe not, but love has got to stop someplace short of suicide." (1:39)