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Dog Day Afternoon

CastAl Pacino, John Cazale, Charles Durning, James Broderick, Chris Sarandon, Sully Boyar, Penelope Allen, Marcia Jean Kurtz, Carol Kane, Lance Henriksen
Year released1975
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Theater marquee: "A Star is Born" (0:01)

Cemetery (0:02)

Robber Sonny asks accomplice Stevie, “You crazy?" (0:06)

Bank manager Mulvaney tells Sonny, "I was out of my mind." (0:09)

Head teller Sylvia tells Sonny, "I've got a terrible fear of being locked in." (0:15)

Sonny asks Police Sergeant Eugene Moretti, "What do you think you're dealing with, a... idiot here?" (0:29)

Sylvia asks Moretti, "Are you crazy?" (0:31)

Accomplice Sal asks Sonny, "Did you say, ’Either we get away clean or we kill ourselves’?" (0:40)

Sonny’s ex-wife Angie tells a police officer, referring to Sonny, "Things are adding up how crazy he's been acting lately... He's yelling at the kids like a madman." (0:49)

A teller reads from Dear Abby: "A friend tells me that my problem is one of sexual repression." (0:50)

Sonny’s pre-operative transgender wife Leon faints. (1:05)

Leon tells Moretti, referring to Sonny, "He's been crazy all summer."
”He’s crazy.”
”I was so confused I was doing insane things.”
”... so I went to a psychiatrist who told me that I was a woman trapped in a man's body, so right away Sonny wanted to get me money for a sex change operation....”
”It drove him crazy. He would fly into these rages, and I got more depressed than ever... I tried to kill myself. I took about a half a pound of pills: Blues, Reds, yellows, screamers, uppers, downers... ” (1:06)

Television reporter, quoting others' opinion of the wedding of Leon and sunny: "A case of sheer exhibitionism." (1:12)

Sal tells Sonny, "I’m not homosexual." (1:12)

By telephone Sonny tells Leon, "Moretti already told me that you were all drugged up..."
Leon: “I mean you walk in, and right away they start saying you're crazy...”
”I take a handful of pills to get away from you.”
Referring to Algeria: ”They're a bunch of crazy people there.”
Sonny: ”That's crazy, Leon. That's crazy.” (1:23)

By telephone, Angie tells Sonny, "Like night before last you're yelling at the kids like a madman." (1:32)

Mulvaney tells Sonny, "I just needed the injection." (1:35)

Sonny dictates his will, leaving a portion of his life insurance to Leon "... to be used for your sex change operation... I want a military funeral..." (1:42)

Sonny asks FBI agent Sheldon, "You think you're dealing with a... idiot?" (1:49)

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