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CastRudy Ray Moore, D'Urville Martin, Jerry Jones, Lady Reed
Year released1975
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The warden tells Dolemite, referring to “Queen Bee,” "You should be very proud of her." 
”You’re serving a twenty-year stretch for the possession of stolen furs and a half-million-dollars worth of narcotics, right?” (0:01)

One FBI agent answers another, "Yeah, dope, stolen furs..." (0:04)

The warden tells Dolemite, "... the dope traffic in your neighborhood hasn’t changed... Guns and dope are being sold... every day." 
Dolemite asks Queen Bee, referring to his nephew, ”So they killed little Jimmy?” (0:05)

Gangster Willie Green insufflates a drug from a spoon. (0:15)

Detective Micthcell insufflates white powder drug. Cocaine
Detective Mike: ”You must be high or something, fellow. I’m talking about all the dope I found under your seat...” 
Dolemite punches Mitchell in the head, rendering him unconscious. (0:21)

Creeper tells Dolemite, "... Honest dude like me have to snatch pocketbooks all day to stay fixed, man..." 
Dolemite: ”... If you can whip some information on me, you won’t have to worry about your fix.” (0:33)

Creeper injects his arm. Dolemite tells him, “... You been shootin’ that shit...” 
Creeper: ”I’m gonna cut it loose, bro. This my last one...” 
”You oughta take a hit of this...” 
”... the dude was dealin’ stuff... ” 
Dolemite punches a thug in the face. (0:35)

Pinky Yvonne tells Dolemite, "Now, don’t you worry about that..." (0:42)

Willie Green’s men share a marijuana cigarette. (0:47)

Brawl with head injuries and unconsciousness (0:48)

Mayor George Daley, referring to Dolemite: "Now, Willie, you don’t have to worry about him." (0:55)

Funeral home with open casket (0:58)

A man tells a woman, "Cocaine..." (1:01)

Queen Bee tells Dolemite, "Okay, but I’m still worried." (1:04)

Brawl with head injuries (1:14)

A man tells the chef, “Willie’s going crazy out there, man.” (1:14)

Daley tells a prostitute, "You crazy bitch." (1:19)

Daley’s thug prepares a syringe to inject FBI agent Blakely. Blakely: "So I’m supposed to be found OD’d in that pool..." (1:20)

Reference in Dolemite Is My Name

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