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Dolores Claiborne

Kathy Bates, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Judy Parfitt, David Strathairn, Christopher Plummer, Eric Bogosian, John C. Reilly, Ellen Muth
alprazolam | Xanax | codeine | marijuana | secobarbital | Seconal | triazolam | Halcion
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Reporter Selena tells editor Peter, “Wait’ll you see what I’ve got lined up for the malpractice piece.” (0:04)

Her housekeeper mother Dolores tells Selena, “You’re more nervous than I am.” (0:14)

Dolores examines prescription bottles belonging to Selena labeled XANAX, SECONAL, HALCION and CODEINE. (0:20)

Dolores tells Selena, “I seen my share of drunks is all.” (0:24)

Dolores asks her fisherman husband Joe, “Ain’t that the point in AA, helping out your buddies?” (0:27)

Dolores asks the magistrate, “Making a girl who just lost her father cry her eyes out every night?” (0:46)

Selena tells Peter by telephone, “I thought the malpractice piece was your most important story.” (0:47)

Young Selena crushes a glass ornament in her hand and scratches her neck with the pieces. (0:55)

Selena: “I had a... nervous breakdown Mother.”
”I must have been out of my mind to come back here.” (0:55)

Dolores, referring to detective John: “He’s crazy. That’s plain crazy.” (1:01)

Selena follows Dolores into a graveyard. (1:02)

Dowager Vera throws herself down the stairs. Suicide attempt? She orders Dolores, “Kill me now.” (1:09)

Selena tells Dolores, referring to Joe, “He was a drunk.” (1:13)

Dolores tells young Selena, “It’s drugs, ain’t it... You’re smokin’ pot.”
”I don’t do drugs, mother.” (1:17)

Vera tells Dolores, “I insist that all women who have hysterics in my drawing room call me by my Christian name.” (1:23)

Selena tells Dolores, “You crazy old lying bitch.”
”You’re a... psychotic.” (1:25)

Young Selena tells Dolores, “I don’t want to be here when you talk to Dad about your crazy ideas.” (1:26)

Selena asks Dolores, “You want to hang yourself?” (1:29)

Vera: “It’s a depressingly masculine world we live in, Dolores.” (1:32)

Dolores tells Joe, “The only thing you’re gonna get is a long stretch in Shawshank Prison for child molesting.” (1:43)

Dolores: “I started asking folks if they’d seen Joe off on a bender somewhere.” (1:46)

Joe sexually abuses young Selena. (1:50)

Selena asks the others, “Drug her?”
John, referring to Vera and Selena: “She panicked, just as you’re doing now.”
”She panicked.”
Selena: “All you’ve got is a 30 page description of a suicide.” (1:57)