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Don't Look Back (2009)

Monica Bellucci, Sophie Marceau, Thais Fischer, Andrea Di Stefano, Brigitte Catillon, Thierry Neuvic, Didier Flamand, Myriam Muller
Woody Allen | diazepam | Valium
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Editor Robert tells writer Jeanne, referring to her book, “They don’t draw enough on your own memories.”

Jeanne: ”I have no memories.”
Robert: “Memory isn’t information.” (0:05)

Jeanne, watching a home video, believes a table has moved. (0:12)

Jeanne asks her husband Teo, “Who are you signaling to?”
Teo: ”Are you crazy?”
Jeanne: ”I’m crazy.” (0:15)

Jeanne believes objects have moved. Her husband Teo tells someone by telephone, “I’m losing time, customers, my sanity...” (0:21)

Teo asks Jeanne, “Which poster is best for our Woody Allen day?”
”You’re obsessed with that table.”
Jeanne: ”This apartment is totally unfamiliar... It’s another family.”
“You’re freaking me out!” (0:24)

Jeanne tells her mother Nadia, “It stresses me when you worry.” (0:26)

Jeanne tells her friends, “Everyone around her tries to play down the trauma.” (0:27)

Jeanne sees fleeting images of a young woman. (0:30)

A pedestrian in the crosswalk asks Jeanne, “Are you crazy?”
Jeanne: “This can’t be real.” (0:33)

Jeanne tells Teo, “I had a memory lapse...” (0:35)

Her home appears different to Jeanne. Her clothes and her own face in the mirror have changed. (0:36)

Teo asks Jeanne, “You got a prescription?”
”Let’s go away after the Woody Allen day.”
Jeanne cannot remember the hotel Teo describes. (0:39)

Teo becomes a different man. (0:44)

Teo tells the psychiatrist, referring to Jeanne, “She had an accident at the age of eight that left her with amnesia.”
The psychiatrist tells her, “It’s a metaphor.”
The psychiatrist tells Teo, “I think she needs psychotherapy, but it’s her decision.” (0:44)

Jeanne’s face changes shape. (0:52)

Jeanne tells Nadia, “I just need to find memories.”
Nadia becomes a different woman.
Jeanne: “I think I’m going mad.” (0:58)

Jeanne finds a box labeled Valium and takes 3. (1:01)

Jeanne sees scars on her wrist. (1:04)

Jeanne tells Teo, “I don’t recognize anything, not even my own face.” (1:06)

Jeanne appears to see her mother’s double. (1:09)

Jeanne’s disfiguring scars worsen. She develops a limp. (1:10)

Jeanne sees Teo approach her mother’s double. (1:10)

Teo tells her, “My name's Gianni.”
Jeanne: “You’re not Teo.”
Gianni: “That’s crazy.” (1:16)

Jeanne experiences more distortion of her body. (1:30)

Jeanne as young Rosa Maria recalls a fatal motor vehicle accident. (1:36)

Younger Nadia tells Rosa Maria, “No one made you take Jeanne’s place. You told me to call you Jeanne, like her. I wasn’t strong enough to resist. After the crash you didn’t recognize your parents. You’d lost your memory... and you became my daughter.” (1:38)

Jeanne watches her double greet Teo and the children. (1:42)

The doubles write together. (1:44)