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Don't Look Up (2021)

Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, Rob Morgan, Jonah Hill, Mark Rylance, Tyler Perry, Timothée Chalamet, Ron Perlman, Ariana Grande and Scott Mescudi
alprazolam | Xanax | marijuana | sertraline | Zoloft
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Astronomy professor Dr. Randall Mindy: "This is nuts. This is so crazy." (0:03)

Astronomy doctoral candidate Kate Dibiasky: "I gotta go get high." (0:08)

Kate lights a bong. (0:09)

Randall tells Planetary Defense Coordination Office head Dr. Teddy Oglethorpe, "It’s a Xanax." (0:14)

Marijuana and bong (0:16)

By telephone, Randall tells his wife June, "Please, don’t worry." (0:17)

The President’s son and Chief of Staff Jason Orlean: "I know, but it’s like so stressful."
President Janie Orleans: ”It’s just nuts.”z (0:19)

Announcement in theater: "Life without the stress of living."
Tech CEO Peter Isherwell, referring to his mobile device: ”The BASH 14.3 phone... instantly senses my mood...”
”It also... schedules a therapy session...” (0:25)

Editor, referring to Pres. Orlean: "She’s probably worried about the midterms." (0:28)

Randall: "Just gonna take some Xanax." (0:31)

Randall appears to suffer a panic attack. (0:32)

Music star Riley Bina on The Daily Rip tells her ex, "Chell... after many sleepless night... I wanna take you back."
DJ Chello: ”I just got all crazy.” (0:35)

Randall, on The Daily Rip: "Kate... made an absolutely shocking and once-in-a-lifetime discovery." (0:38)

His friend tells Kate’s journalist boyfriend Phillip Kaj, "My brother has bipolar disorder..." (0:40)

Randall, referring to Kate: "Maybe I should have given her that extra Xanax that I had."
Co-host Brie Evantee: ”A spoonful of Xanax makes the medicine go down, right?” (0:40)

Kate tells the others, "They just think I’m crazy."
Journalist Adul: ”Now we look like idiots.”
”Dr. Jocelyn Calder, the head of NASA, just came out calling it ‘more near-miss hysteria’.”
”More near-miss hysteria.” (0:42)

Randall tells Kate, "Everyone should be panicking right now, okay?"
Kate sees a message from Phillip on social media: ”You know The Crazy Chick...?” (0:45)

Randall: "This has been really, really stressful on all of us." (0:50)

Colonel Benedict Drask: "Some are saying this is a suicide mission" (0:53)

Pres. Orlean: "Isn’t that from Saving Private Ryan?"
Referring to Kate: ”She connects with the disaffected youth and the mentally ill.” (0:53)

Randall tells Brie, "I finally got my, uh, Star Wars poster signed by Mark Hamill." (1:00)

Astronaut Drask: "... the only thing I need is... a couple of DUIs to magically go away." (1:02)

Reporter: "There seems to be some confusion here amongst the crowd..." (1:07)

Jason tells Kate, "Don’t trip." (1:08)

A cabinet member tells Pres. Orleans, "Our allies are very confused..." (1:09)

Oglethorpe tells Kate and Randall, "It’s insane, like, completely insane."
Randall: ”... I was confused and outraged that they turned this mission around too...”
Oglethorpe tells a waiter, ”We’re confused, too.” (1:11)

Mother on television: "I worry about the kids and their future..." (1:18)

Randall tells Brie, referring to a waiter, "Now he’s got an ego the size of Texas."
June: ”Yeah, here’s the Xanax he takes for his panic attacks. Here’s the Zoloft he takes for the crashing depressions.”
Restless leg syndrome... Oh, appetite suppressant to counteract the weight gain from his other meds...” (1:19)

A shoplifter tells his friends, "Call Diogo. He’ll freak out. He’s obsessed with you." (1:22)

Kate tells the others, "You guys, the truth is way more depressing."
Yule: ”... you’re driving me... crazy, Kate.” (1:28)

Brie, on the air: "We are so confused."
Host Jack Bremmer: ”... we don’t have to worry about the peer review...”
Randall: ”... I think this whole administration has completely lost their... mind.” (1:29)

Randall on television: "... tell your parents that President Orelean and Isherwell are sociopaths and fascists." (1:39)

Jason tells the crowd the president texted him, "Don’t trip. It’s all good. Don’t trip." (1:48)