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Don't Say a Word

Michael Douglas, Brittany Murphy, Famke Janssen, Sean Bean, Jennifer Esposito, Oliver Platt, Guy Torry
Sigmund Freud | amobarbital | Amytal | chlorpromazine | Thorazine | clomipramine | droperidol | fluoxetine | haloperidol | Haldol | lorazepam | Ativan | methylphenidate | midazolam | Versed | naltrexone
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Bank robber Dolen tells an accomplice, "All right, unless you are a moron, retarded Saints fan..."
Referring to cigarette smoking, ”That's a nasty habit.” (0:03)

Psychiatrist Dr. Nathan Conrad: "The psychodynamics of compulsive stealing are well-established, an act committed to relieve a preexisting state of guilt... somehow inflicted a narcissistic injury... I've never really been a big fan of Freud's anyway."
Certificates hanging on Nathan's wall: ”Department of Psychiatry,” “Child & Adolescent Psychiatry” (0:08)

Nathan in session with a patient (0:08)

Title: "Bridgeview Psychiatric Hospital" (0:11)

Nathan reads from a patient Elisabeth Burrows' record to psychiatrist Dr. Louis Sachs, "Selective mutism, obsessive compulsive behavior, post-traumatic symptoms.”
Louis: ”20 different diagnoses, plus an IQ off the charts. Apparently saw her father killed by a subway when she was eight."
”You and I right now are the only thing that stands between her and a lifetime supply of Thorazine or worse.”
Nathan: ”She's your patient...”
Louis: ”... they're going to ship her to Creedmoor and chain her to a bed for the rest of her life.”
Louis: ”Haldol, droperidol, and Ativan.” (0:12)

Nathan tells Elisabeth, "I'm a psychiatrist... True catatonics have what's called a waxy flexibility of their limbs." (0:15)

His daughter Jessie tells Nathan, "I can't sleep. I have mental problems."
Nathan: ” What kind of mental problems?”
Jessie: ”I'm highly neurotic.” (0:21)

Kidnapper Patrick: "The first shock can buckle the knees." (0:30)

His wife Aggie asks Nathan, "Are you crazy?"
”Are you crazy?” (0:31)

By telephone, Patrick tells Nathan, "You have a pro bono patient." (0:32)

Nathan tells a police officer, "I need an escort to the Bridgeview Psychiatric Hospital right now." (0:38)

By telephone Patrick tells Nathan, "Look, this girl has a decade of pathology to unravel." (0:40)

By telephone, Patrick tells Aggie, "You’ve got nothing to worry about." (0:43)

Reviewing Elisabeth Burrows’ medical record, Nathan examines a list of drugs, including, "methylphenidate, naltrexone, haloperidol, fluoxetine, clomipramine."
Diagnoses include, ”First schizophrenic break, psychotic disorder, posttraumatic stress syndrome, attention deficit disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, expressive language disorder, manic depressive disorder, acquired aphasia, Asperger's syndrome, disthemic [sic] disorder, cyclothymic disorder, juvenile bipolar disorder.”
Nathan tells Louis, referring to Elisabeth, ”She takes on the symptoms of other patients. She's like a counterfeit schizophrenic, maybe.”
”That would place her in the malingerer’s hall of fame. I've got to believe there's some sort of genuine pathology beneath it all.”
Nathan: ”She has classic posttraumatic stress symptoms. Her PTSD is real.”
Louis: ”So, 20 different hospitalizations, 20 different diagnoses.” (0:44)

Kidnapper Max tells Jessie, referring to a tattoo, "It's a symbol." (0:51)

Nathan tells Burrows, "I need you to help me." (0:59)

Louis tells Nathan, "This is a 5 cc syringe with a 10 gauge needle and 500 mg of sodium Amytal."
”She should respond beautifully to Amytal...”
By telephone, Louis tells a kidnapper, ”It's a drug.” (1:04)

Security guard Arnie tells Nathan, "See, that's why they call this place the nuthouse, Doc, ‘cause I'd have to be basically f****** nuts to let you do that."
As he injects Arnie's shoulder, Nathan tells Arnie, ”It's just Versed.” (1:13)

Elisabeth re experiences the death of her father. (1:23)

Nathan walks Elisabeth into a cemetery. (1:30)

Nathan tells Patrick, "Cognitive distortion." (1:39)