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Dope (2015)

Shameik Moore, Tony Revolori, Kiersey Clemons, Kimberly Elise, Chanel Iman, Tyga, Blake Anderson, Zoë Kravitz, A$AP Rocky
3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine | heroin | marijuana
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Definitions of "Dope" (0:00)

Young Malcolm holds a gift from his father, a VHS tape of Superfly. (0:01)

Narrator: "Malcolm, Jib and Diggy are all deeply obsessed with '90s hip-hop culture." (0:02)

Narrator: "But that's where the dope dealers are..." (0:09)

Malcolm relays a message from a girl to drug dealer Dom: "... and that if you think that she cares about your dope money, she... she doesn't." (0:12)

His friend Jib tells Malcolm, "She metaphorically showed you her pussy..."
Malcolm: "We're not going to a drug dealer's birthday party... You're trippin'." (0:14)

Bouncer: "Like, like Boys Don't Cry..." (0:15)

Dom: "You might... give yourself a concussion."
Malcolm: "You mean photographic memory?" (0:17)

Partiers smoke a hookah. (0:18)

De' Andrey: "Oh, this shit crazy."
"So it's like set trippin'." (0:21)

Suitcase full of drugs.(0:22)

Malcolm finds packages of drugs in his backpack. He tells Jib and Diggy, "I have no... clue where that gun came from, or the drugs."
"You want three niggas take a bag full of dope and a gun to the... police station?"
Jib: "He was talkin' about dope?" (0:28)

Malcolm: "Like Crip dyslexia."
Jaleel: "'Cause I was in a good mood..." (0:40)

Jaleel's sister Lily lights a joint. (0:42)

Malcolm discovers Lily using drugs. She asks him, "Have you ever fucked on Molly?" (0:47)

Lily drives while intoxicated. (0:49)

Gangster, yelling at Jaleel: "I want my... dope. I want my... dope." (0:51)

Malcolm tells Austin, "As crazy as it seems I think that someone is you."
Austin: "Make the delivery... so that the suppliers of this product can be whole, metaphorically speaking of course." (0:53)

Television reporter: "The incident took place... apparently the side effects of the popular club drug MDMA, or "Molly.'"
Witness Tannehill: "So I'm... drinking... when all of a sudden this crazy little naked ho comes up"(0:59)

Jib asks Malcolm, "Did he actually say I'll kill you... if you don't sell these drugs...?"
Diggy: "We're talking about Moly, Jib, not... heroin."
Malcolm: "There's these sites where you can sell... drugs..." (0:59)

Musician William takes a pill.
William asks Jib, Diggy and Malcolm, "You... need some weed?"
Narrator: "William... smoked a pound of weed a week..."
William asks a girl, "You ever fucked on Molly before?"
He swallows a drug. William tells the others: "But dude, that shit is getting mad sketchy now... If you... want drugs..."
Malcolm: "Look... we don't know shit about selling dope."
William: "Pay me in Molly." (1:01)

William: "Cut up the shit."
They prepare the drug. (1:07)

Jib asks Malcolm, "Are you... retarded?" (1:07)

Malcolm, Jib and Diggy prepare bulk drug for retail sale. (1:12)

Nakia tells Malcolm, "Shit's been real crazy since Dom got locked up."
Malcolm: "You're supposed to... find out about the... dope." (1:15)

Another SAT taker tells Malcolm, "Drug search..." (1:17)

Malcolm hands William his cut of the drug. William snorts powder. (1:20)

Malcolm tells Austin, "I mean, that would only happen if you were idiotically sloppy..." (1:28)

William snorts powder. (1:28)

Malcolm asks Austin, "So, since you and I come from the same place, what's the DEA going to assume about you?" (1:29)

Malcolm's essay: "He lives with a single mother... and has sold dope." (1:32)