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Doppelganger (1993)

Drew Barrymore, George Newbern, Dennis Christopher, Leslie Hope, Sally Kellerman, George Maharis, Peter Dobson, Dan Shor, Jaid Barrymore, Stanley DeSantis
cocaine | Drew Barrymore
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Holly sees someone who looks like herself. (0:02)

Holly’s mother tells someone in a phone call, “If she marries that shrink her share of the fund will be legally turned over to her.”
”The shrink will have the estate audited.” (0:03)

HIs writer friend Ellie tells Patrick, “It’s all that repressed anger you’ve got locked up inside of you.”
Patrick: “Yeah, a lot of good therapy did you, Ellie.”
Patrick sees a woman who looks like Holly. (0:14)

Holly leaves a message for psychiatrist Dr. Heller. (0:17)

Holly tells Patrick, referring to her parents, “They’re both dead.” (0:23)

Holly tells Patrick, “Don’t confuse me with her. She may look like me, but she’s not.”
”She’s my doppelganger... You think I’m wacko... Dr. Heller... he’s a psychiatrist...” (0:28)

Patrick asks Ellie, “What does doppelganger mean?”
“Doppelganger, the ghostly double of a living person...”
Patrick: “Why would she know anything about doppelgangers?”
Ellie: “Patrick, are you in love with the psycho slut or what?”
Patrick: “Talk about psycho sluts.” (0:29)

Patrick dreams about Holly and her doppelganger. (0:32)

Holly tells Patrick, “You know what, I have prescription medicine.”
Referring to her brother Fred: ”He is in a mental institution...” (0:33)

Holly and Patrick arrive and walk past the sign “OUR LADY OF MERCY PSYCHIATRIC INSTITUTE.”
As they walk through the hospital Holly tells Patrick, “I knew that it wasn’t him, but I didn’t know about the doppelgangers at that time.”
An aid tells her, referring to apparently catatonic Fred, “He hasn’t talked in four years...” (0:41)

FBI agent Stanley tells Patrick, referring to Fred, “He’s crazy.”
“No, but she is crazy too, or to be more precise she is suffering from this, this, multiple personality thing. She can be different people at different times.” (0:47)

Holly returns to the psychiatric hospital. (0:55)

Ellie tells Patrick, referring to producer Richard, “But maybe he talked to your... doppelganger...” (0:58)

Holly restrained, injected and sedated. (0:59)

Psychiatrist Heller visits Holly in the jail hospital. (1:00)

Heller tells Patrick, “A doppelganger.”
”Most people don’t understand MPDs, multiple personality disorders...”
”The interesting thing about people suffering from MPDs...” (1:01)

Sign on police station wall: “COCAINE KILLS... D.A.R.E.” (1:02)

Heller tells Holly, “We talked about... returning to therapy.” (1:06)

Holly tells Patrick, “It’s the doppelganger.” (1:10)

Sister Jan tells Patrick, “Ellie said you wanted to ask me about doppelgangers.”
Patrick, “This doppelganger thing’s real, or is this some sort of schizophrenic condition?”
Jan: “Have you met your doppelganger?”
”As a theory you can take it or leave it that doppelgangers exist... It’s probably been forced out by some kind of trauma... Totally instinctive... once there are two of you, the doppelganger doesn’t want... ” (1:13)

Holly’s double injects her, and she loses consciousness. (1:23)

Heller tells Patrick, “You mean... moron... she’ll... plead insanity... You actually bought into this doppelganger... I told Holly’s other personality she had to defend herself...” (1:27)

In a display of unrestrained negative transference one of Holly’s alters brutally murders Heller before the two alters merge again. (1:32)

After the memorial service for Holly her double approaches Patrick. (1:36)