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Doppelganger (2003)

Kôji Yakusho, Hiromi Nagasaku, Yusuke Santamaria, Masahiro Toda, Hitomi Sato Michio Hayasaki
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Student Takashi asks his sister Yuka, “Are you crazy?” (0:02)

A policeman tells Takashi’s sister by telephone that Takashi has just “passed away,” and “The investigating officer believes it was a suicide.” (0:03)

Engineer Michio sees someone else who looks like him. (0:09)

His assistant Takano tells Michio, “The brother of a friend of mine killed himself recently.”
”... and according to Yuka he died because he’d seen his doppelganger.”
Michio: “Doppelganger?”
Takano: “But some psychologists claim to have similar cases... I imagine her brother was in denial.” (0:10)

MIchio panics when he sees his double in his apartment. (0:13)

His assistant Aoki, tells Michio, “Someone’s been stalking me.”
”Stalking?” (0:18)

Michio asks Takano, “Remember... the person you know whose brother killed himself?”
”I mean that the doppelganger...” (0:18)

Michio: “Maybe I’m cracking up.” (0:19)

Michio flees his double in a restaurant only to find him in his apartment. “Who are you?”
”Me? I’m you.”
”I’m Michio Hayasaki.”
”I’m Michio Hayasaki, too.”
”I’m losing my mind.”
”I’m hallucinating.”
”Man, you’re uptight.”
”And you, stop calling me a stalker.” (0:20)

Michio asks Yuka, “The doppelganger?”
Yuka: “That’s why I think he killed himself.” (0:30)

Michio tells Yuka, “But, you know, I think the doppelganger and the self are entirely distinct.”
Yuka grieves. (0:40)

Michio: “And you’re just some dumb doppelganger!” (1:14)

Michio tells Yuka, referring to his supposed partner Kimishima, “What an idiot.” (1:26)

Kimishima tells Michio, “I’m not the idiot you took me for... You’re the idiot.” (1:27)