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Double Lover

Marine Vacth, Jérémie Renier, Jacqueline Bisset, Myriam Boyer, Dominique Reymond
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L'Amant double

The doctor tells Chloé, "I think it's mainly psychological, in your head." (0:02)

Sign: "Paul Meyer, Psychiatrist" (0:02)

Chloé tells psychiatrist Meyer, "... so I might as well see a shrink."
”I'm stressed.” (0:04)

Session with Meyer: "I often imagined I had a sister... a double who would protect me."
”My grandmother... intelligent...” (0:07)

Meyer tells Chloé, "I have feelings that make it impossible to continue."
”I'll recommend a colleague, an excellent therapist.” (0:13)

Sign: "Louis Delord, Psychoanalyst" (0:23, 0:27)

Delord tells Chloé, referring to his twin brother Paul, "... our therapeutic methods are very different."
”If you follow my therapy,... I think I can cure you.”
”I do refuse certain patients.” (0:29)

Paul tells Chloé, "Maybe you need to go back to therapy."
”You seemed a bit lost, but stronger than most of my patients.” (0:33)

Paul’s double (twin?) joins them in making love. (0:39)

Chloé tells Delord, "You're crazy." (0:42)

Delord tells Chloé, "They’re cannibal twins." (0:49)

Chloé tells a man at a party, "I'm an ex-patient." (0:51)

Another man at the party tells Chloé, "I remember some worried parents who thought their twins were psychically linked." (0:51)

Paul tells Chloé, referring to a woman, "It’s your shrink, Agnes Wexler." (0:52)

Chloé sees Delord approaching the road.
She asks Paul, "Think I'm hysterical?" (0:53)

Delord tells Chloé, "I've had patients with pseudonyms before." (0:57)

Paul tells Chloé, "That's the point of therapy."
”That's transference.” (0:58)

Chloé asks Delord, "Isn't your therapy based on exploring my repressed desires?" (1:01)

Chloé tells Paul,"You're no longer my shrink, sir." (1:05)

Chloé asks Delord, "What if you're the one who's obsessed with him?"
Delord rages. (1:09)

By telephone, Chloé tells Delord, "You're crazy." (1:13)

Paul tells Chloé, "A patient canceled." (1:14)

Delord, posing as Paul, tells Chloé, "I want to resume our therapy." (1:15)

Chloé, hearing the telephone ring, tells Paul, "Another one of your patients."
Paul: ”I love when you're jealous of my patients.” (1:17)

Sandra's mother tells Chloé, referring to Sandra, "She always seemed so strong, so intelligent."
Chloé sees that Sandra looks like her.
Sandra's mother, referring to Delord: ”He's the one who got her drunk, pretending to be Paul... She... attempted suicide with a firearm.” (1:20)

Delord tells Chloé, "Nice to see my old patient."
”Sandra was... completely hysterical.”
Chloé places the muzzle of Paul's pistol against her head. (1:31)

Paul asks Chloé’s doctor, referring to Chloé, "Could this explain her mental state?"
Doctor: ”Learning she was carrying not a baby but her unborn twin, triggered an emotional shock.” (1:38)

Chloé tells Paul, "It says on the internet I'm a cannibal twin." (1:40)