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Double Suicide (1969)

Kamatari Fujiwara, Tokie Hidari, Shima Iwashita, Yoshi Kato, Shizue Kawarazaki, Hosei Komatsu, Kichiemon Nakamura, Yusuke Takita
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Writer: "The suicide part is difficult."
Director?: ”The lover’s suicide Journey will be through a graveyard”
”There's something there, a sort of fetishism of space...”
”A suicide sequence in Kabuki style won't do.” (0:01)

Jihei tells courtesan Koharu, "I worry about money to see you again." (0:10)

Koharu: "As the weather changes every day, my mood often changes." (0:14)

Koharu asks the madam, "Which is more painful, hanging yourself, or cutting your throat?" (0:23)

Koharu tells a samurai customer (actually Jihei’s brother Magoemon), referring to Jihei, "He's drunk." (0:28)

Jihei tells Magoemon, "How I hate myself." (0:34)

Jihei’s wife Osan: "Sangoro is an idiot." (0:39)

Jihei tells his mother-in-law, "I'm sorry I made you worry."
Mother-in-law: ”We’re all worried about your family, because we love you all, because we’re relatives..” (0:49)

Jihei tells Osan, referring to Koharu, "If her master insisted, she'd kill herself."
Osan: ”Even if you oppose it, she'll kill herself.”
”I didn't think about that, I was so worried about her.” (0:58)

Enraged, Jihei destroys his house. (1:17)

Magoemon tells servant Sangoro, referring to Jihei, "He doesn't know how worried we are." (1:22)

Jihei and Koharu in a cemetery
Koharu tells Jihei, ”Kill me here. Kill yourself elsewhere.” (1:30)

Koharu tells Jihei, "It's the only thing that depresses me." (1:39)

Jihei hangs himself. (1:42)

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