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Jonathan Pryce, Jerome Holder, Pauline Collins, Philip Davis, Ian Hart, Andrew Ellis, Malachi Kirby, Natasha Gordon, Melanie Freeman, Andy de la Tour, Daniel Caltagirone
3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine | crack cocaine | cocaine | heroin | lysergic acid diethylamide | marijuana | tobacco-marijuana
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Drug deals. (0:02)

Ayyash finds marijuana in his pocket. (0:05)

Ayyash's mother asks him, "You think... I can't see you running like an idiot with your bottom hanging out?" (0:06)

A police constable tells Ayyash and his mother Safa, "There was a lot of drugs floating around in that club last night." (0:13)

Baker Nat tells a customer, referring to apprentice Ayyash, "He's deaf... and mute." (0:24)

Drug dealer Victor's marijuana grow operation. Viktor tells Ayyash, "No coke, no crack, no smack, no E, no LSD." (0:25)

His son Stephen tells Nat, "Man, this is crazy." (0:25)

Ayyash asks Nat, "Have you seen the Twilight movies?" (0:28)

His friend Saul tells Nat, "Always 'Singin in the' damn 'Rain.'"
"Her favorite film won't bring her back."(0:28)

Lucas tells Ayyash, "But I ain't no drug dealer..."
Ayyash: "My mom cleans like crazy."
Ayyash’s friend Lucas: "Oh shit, I think I lost the spliff." (0:31)

Ayyash weighs marijuana. (0:33)

Lucas rolls a joint. (0:35)

A customer asks Nat, "So, can I get some jolly green or what?" (0:37)

Ayyash weighs marijuana, but dumps it in the dough when he sees constables enter the shop. (0:38)

Nat tells the constables, "Yeah, well it's just a bit stressful..." (0:39)

Ayyash and Victor at the grow operation. (0:45)

Nat watches Singin' in the Rain. (0:46)

His friend Saul tells Nat they will watch "Butch and Sundance then." (0:48)

Ayyash pours marijuana in the dough. (0:49)

Victor tells Ayyash the drug is "Hash." (0:49)

Nat's competitor Cotton tells Nat, "It's like Fiddler on the Roof meets Westside Story out there." (0:54)

Stephen tells Nat, "This is crazy." (0:58)

Ayyash tells Nat, "Yeah, Muslims attacking Muslims: madness." (1:01)

Nat tells Ayyash, "We don't shave after your wife dies. It's a sign of mourning." (1:03)

Cotton sees marijuana that Ayyash spilled on the floor. (1:06)

Nat sees Ayyash pouring marijuana into the dough. (1:07)

By telephone his business associate asks Cotton, "Cannabis?" (1:09)

Nat calls Ayyash, "You bloody idiot."
"You bloody idiot."(1:15)

A constable asks Victor, "How about... C for cannabis, and D for dealing?" (1:15)

Nat tells Ayyash, "Victor's telling stories about the bakery and cannabis." (1:17)

Ayyash tells Nat, "You know this is crazy."
Nat: "Listen, if he finds cannabis in my stuff, it'll back up everything Victor said." (1:18)

Ayyash asks Nat, "Are you crazy?"
Nat: "Just like Butch and Sundance." (1:23)

Cotton tells Nat's friend Joanna, "Nat's been loading his goods with marijuana." (1:25)