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Dr. Mabuse: The Gambler

Rudolf Klein-Rogge, Aud Egede Nissen, Gertrude Welcker, Alfred Abel, Bernhard Goetzke, Paul Richter, Robert Forster-Larrinaga, Georg John, Julius Falkenstein
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Part I

Psychiatrist Dr. Mabuse: “You have taken cocaine again, Spoerri!”
Servant Spoerri: “If you drive me out... I shall shoot myself in the head --!” (0:03)

Pesch tells chauffeur Georg, “It’s modern day cannibalism!” (0:11)

Woman tells big nose, “Would you go home already, you drunken swine -- ?” (0:13)

Message: “No reason to panic.” (0:21)

Announcement: “Third lecture by psychoanalyst Professor Dr. Mabuse. Psychoanalysis as factor of modern medicine... Assoc. for psychoanalytical Research” (0:23)

Mabuse lectures: “... 80% of all mental disorders can be healed through psychoanalysis...” (0:23)

Mabuse uses hypnotic suggestion to control wealthy Edgar and beat him at cards. (0:31)

Edgar cannot recall the events of the past minutes. (0:40)

Prosecutor Norbert tells an assistant, “Disguised as a gambling-obsessed black marketeer, I will circulate among the private clubs, hoping to put the ‘mystery man’ on my trail... and you will help!” (1:13)

The maitre d’ asks Norbert, “Cocaine or cards?” (1:24)

Mabuse appears to hypnotize Norbert. (1:26)

Spoerri snorts cocaine. (1:27)

The driver releases anesthetic gas into the cab knocking Norbert out. (1:39)

The host tells Countess Dusy, “The seance will begin upon the arrival of a well-known psychoanalyst...” (1:56)

Countess Dusy swoons in Mabuse’s arms. (2:33)

Part II

Mabuse: “Only now, shall the world know who I am -- I -- Mabuse! I want to become a giant -- a titan, churning up laws and gods like withered leaves!!” Megalomania? (0:07)

Count Told tells Norbert, referring to the other guests, “All -- except one -- who was invited by my wife... the psychoanalyst Dr. Mabuse... but he did not play.” (0:09)

Norbert asks Count Told, “Don’t you know a doctor you would trust? An experienced psychoanalyst with whom you could discuss your case?” (0:13)

By telephone Count Told tells Mabuse, “Doctor, you were present when the incident during the card game occurred... I need your help... as a psychiatrist.”
Mabuse: “I only treat in the home of the patient!” (0:15)

Count Told’s first session with Mabuse who tells him, “... I will only treat you under certain conditions... You will not leave the house, not receive anyone, not speak to anyone for as long as you are being treated by me.” (0:17)

Mabuse tells Dusy, “Your husband is being medically treated by me.” (0:26)

Dancer Cara swallows poison set by Mabuse to kill herself. (0:39)

Mabuse tells Dusy,“I'm getting nervous...” (0:49)

Told appears to hallucinate. (0:53)

Mabuse asks Told, “Do you know that your wife intends to have you put in an asylum?” (0:56)

Told’s butler tells Norbert, “If I may say, sir, I believe the Count's condition only became really bad when Dr Mabuse began his treatment.” (1:02)

Norbert tells Mabuse,“I wanted to notify you of the suicide of your patient, Count Told.”
Mabuse: “The case is so strange that I have come to the conclusion that Count Told -- when he cheated as well as when he committed suicide -- was acting under the influence of a superior, hostile will!”
Poster: “Experiments on mass suggestion, awake hypnosis, trance natural magnetism, secrets of the Indian fakirs, secrets of the inner life. The subconscious in humans and animals.”
Mabuse: “Weltmann is able to use his suggestive power to force people to do things that are in absolute conflict with their nature...” (1:08)

Mabuse, disguised as Sandor Weltmann tells his audience, “Now, I would like to demonstrate a typical case of mass suggestion similar to that underlying the tricks of the Indian fakirs!”
Under his influence the audience sees a caravan come across the desert, off the stage, and into the aisle. (1:15)

“Eat some cocaine, you weakling!”
Spoerri snorts cocaine. (1:38)

Mabuse sees visions of those he killed. (1:47)

Mabuse sees the counterfeiters change into his victims. Machines appear to turn into monsters. (1:50)

Mabuse appears to have lost his mind. (1:54)