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CastDennis Quaid, Kate Capshaw, Max von Sydow, Christopher Plummer
Year released1984
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John the president awakens from a nightmare. (0:02)

Paul Novotny, referring to psychic Alex Gardner: "He ran out on us after months of parapsychological testing..." (0:03)

A woman ask Alex, "... Are you some kind of pervert or something?" (0:05)

Scientist Dr. Jane DeVries answers Alex: "Dreams." 
Alex: ”Dreams?” (0:11)

Jane tells Alex, "These people are under observation because of the frequency of their nightmares. This man is in REM state, rapid eye..." 
Alex: ”Rapid eye movement, when dreams occur.” 
Jane: ”Well one of our areas of interest is sexual dysfunction. If a man is experiencing impotency, we can determine whether the cause is physical or psychological by monitoring his sleep.” (0:12)

Paul tells Alex, "You left me sitting in Chicago with an overheated biofeedback machine." 
”I was worried.” 
Alex: ”Who’s your decorator, Darth Vader?” 
”... I have no intention of spending the next six months with electrodes wired to my ass.” 
Paul: ”Don’t worry, Alex...” (0:14)

Paul tells Alex, "... a man... could psychically project himself inside the dream of a sleeping person." 
”... once inside the dream, he could become an active participant... feel the dream... shape and alter the dream...” 
Alex: ”That it’s crazy.” 
”Going into another person’s dream...” 
Paul: ”... connect your brain waves with the dreamer’s.” 
”You can already work your way into the conscious mind... you could also get inside the subconscious mind.” (0:16)

Jane answers Paul, referring to a subject, "Beginning to show signs of extreme agitation." 
Paul: ”EEG?” (0:19)

Paul asks Alex, "Have any dreams?" 
Alex: ”Do you mind if I take a leak before I give my deposition?” 
Paul: ”... Force of habit.” 
Referring to Buddy Driscoll: ”... suffering from chronic nightmares...” 
Alex: ”I think I’d have to be out of my mind to hook up with that machine of yours.” 
Paul: ”I think you'd be out of your mind not to...” (0:20)

Jane tells Alex, "... your mind will conform with the dreamer’s." 
”... I'm not going to have you start trying to play mind reader with me.” (0:23)

Alex answers Tommy Ray Glatman, "Must be your sparkling personality." (0:25)

Paul tells Alex, "... once you get inside his dream, you're an observer..." 
Alex: ”Sort of a cerebral peeping Tom.” (0:26)

Paul: "Hardy has entered REM now." 
”I want a CAT scan and an EEG...” (0:27)

Head of covert intelligence Bob Blair tells Alex, "... those unauthorized visits to the dream chamber... Your work here is completely confidential..." (0:31)

Jane tells Alex, referring to Buddy, "He's tormented by recurring nightmares... He's on the verge of a complete breakdown..." 
Buddy: ”There's somebody in my dreams.” 
Alex: ”I used to have bad dreams.” (0:32)

The president awakens from a nightmare. His daughter tells him, "It was just a dream." 
”Ever since mother died.” (0:35)

Blair tells the president, "Let's talk about those nightmares." 
”One of the projects I've been overseeing concerns the foremost specialists in dream research...” 
President: ”I think there's a reason for these dreams.” 
”... This nuclear madness has to end.” 
”I just want these damned nightmares to end.” (0:36)

George Webber tells Jane, referring to his wife, "When Melanie wakes me up, I can't remember for the life of me what I was dreaming. All I know is I have this terrible feeling of anxiety." 
Melanie: ”The neighbors are starting to think that George is a little crazy.” 
Jane: ”Have you been under any unusual pressure?” 
”Is there any pressure at work?” (0:38)

Paul tells Alex, "Whatever Webber's dreaming is the key to all his problems." 
”... Observe his dream...” (0:39)

Jane tells Paul, referring to George, "EEG stable..." 
”He's in REM sleep.” (0:39)

Paul tells Alex, "Mr Weber has been repressing a deep seated inferiority complex..." 
”He's worried...” 
Alex: ”Buddy Driscoll, the kid with the nightmares.” 
Paul: ”... The dream people. They believe their dream lives... The children are taught never to lose control in a nightmare...” (0:42)

Buddy: "... I'll have to dream, Alex." (0:44)

Alex tells Glatman, "I met this thing in the kids nightmare..." 
”Well, don't worry Tommy...” (0:49)

Author Charlie Prince tells Alex, referring to his new book, "It's got to do with dreams." 
Alex, referring to Bob Blair: ”... wasting his time on dream research...?” 
Prince: ”... Those secrets are bound to come out in their dreams, no?...” (0:52)

Jane tells Alex, "I mean it was just a dream..." 
”... go back to your usual insensitive self... what happened in the dream is something that we both wanted.” 
Alex: ”I entered that dream without any help or hookup...” (0:57)

Blair tells Paul, referring to the president, "He's... making decisions based on his nightmares." 
Paul: ”He wouldn't be the first world leader to take his dreams seriously.” 
Blair: ”He's going to... bring the whole damn country to its knees because of his dreams.” (0:59)

Glatman tells Blair, "I don't touch drugs..." (1:04)

Blair: "You're a very intelligent young man, Alex... Tommy Ray stabbed her with a knife, a dream knife. The shock to Matusik’s system caused a coronary... When you dream that you die, you die in life... Now we can go into an enemy's dream..." 
Alex, referring to Glatman: ”He's a... psychopath.” (1:09)

By telephone, Jane tells Alex, "Don't worry about me..." (1:12)

Blair tells Paul, referring to the president, "I intend to put an end to his nightmares." (1:16)

Blair tells Glatman, referring to the president, "After all of the stress he's been undergoing lately, no one will suspect the thing, so don't worry..." (1:18)

Security agent tells Alex, "Don't be a fool." 
Alex tells him, ”Blair's planning on putting Tommy Ray in the president's dream, right?” 
”The dream chamber?” 
Alex strikes him on the head with his revolver, rendering him unconscious
Alex tells Jane, ”I'm going into that dream...” (1:19)

Alex tells the president, referring to Blair, "He sent somebody into this dream to assassinate you." 
The president: ”They gave me a sedative.” 
Alex: ”A sedative?” 
”It's all a dream...” 
Glatman: ”It's a dream, Alex.” 
”I saw Enter the Dragon six times.” (1:22)

The President tells Blair, "You put that maniac in my dream to kill me." 
Blair: ”I wonder if you know just how crazy that sounds, Mr President.” (1:31)

Alex tells Jane, "... I had one hell of a dream." 
Jane: ”This is crazy.” 
Alex: ”Crazy, Jane?...” 
”... what if it's not as good as the dream?” (1:33)

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